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Don’t Let The Jury Out With Law Firm Slogans

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law firm slogans

Do you know why law firm slogans are important?

Probably not. Let’s face it: The law is an incredibly dull topic for ordinary people. You might find yourself needing the services of a law firm one day, but that’s it. You won’t think about it ever again. Still, one element on the law firm’s website will catch your attention: the slogan.

Now, if you’re on the other side of the business and you own a law firm, slogans can help you bring in new customers. How? Let’s find out.

Why You Need Law Firm Slogans

Catchy law firm slogans communicate a powerful message and can resonate strongly with your future clients. They can improve your marketing efforts, and get your business name further than you can imagine. Especially now, when everything you look for is on the internet. People look for businesses whose services they need online. If you get to be the one law firm they remembered by its slogan, there’s a client for life.

Elements Of Good Slogans For Law Firms

Law firm taglines must have at least three parts to be efficient.

  1. Tell a story that has a lasting effect on a place, a person, an event, or a product.
  2. Be credible. The worst mistake you can make when writing a power line is to say too much or promise unrealistic things.
  3. Have a memorable tone. Finding the right rhythm and the right rhyme ensures that the power line will instantly recall the business and the ideas associated with it. 

Are These Elements Enough To Create A Good Slogan?

These three elements are the minimum to build a power line, but they are not sufficient if you need a real tool for finding new clients. Think of other aspects that make up the perfect slogan. Can’t think of any? Here’s our take.

It has to serve as a reminder. A law firm tagline is a promise that must provide a unique service to anyone who hires you. The slogan must describe this promise. In marketing, you should always try to be as clear as possible.

It’s all about finding an exceptional sentence. In the virtual world, you only have a few seconds to captivate a potential client’s attention. A person who lands on your site and does not know your business, products, or services will only take a fraction of a second to decide to leave or stay.

Above all, your slogan must be clear. To do this, you can build it from your core goal. Decide from the start what you want to offer your future clients: fast legal issue solutions, valuable legal advice, or an introduction to the right lawyer.

Next, it should be original. Lawyer slogans should not look like the thousands of slogans already on the market. Use a twist that hasn’t been used by others, and use an industry-friendly style. To demonstrate your originality, you must tell a story.

At this point, you should know the history of your brand, then you can gather information to brainstorm ideas that will tell your story. When telling your story, get as real as possible. Movies and books are an excellent example of headlines because they know how to excite your interest in a very limited amount of time.

The last crucial element in finding great law firm slogans is emotion. Be sure that you include a word or a phrase that will instigate feelings. It’s interesting to see that emotions are one of the most critical factors in communication. They make it more effective and make the potential client bond with the company. 

Brainstorm For Lawyer Slogans

Prepare yourself to spend some time on slogans for law firms. In other words, you’ll have to brainstorm a lot to find something. Plus, you’ll probably have to ask your employees to help you. No brilliant design has ever been born from work done only in small groups for an hour between two meetings.

The problem with brainstorming is that people have not tried to think creatively before, and now you’re asking them to find the perfect lawyer slogan while they are still thinking about their daily lives. However, it takes at least three hours to forget about everything completely and let your creativity run free.

If you want to brainstorm, organize two separate sessions over a few days, and ask people to work on law firm slogans. Give them a brief of the concept and the method to find a good slogan.

Lastly, if you think it’s too much of a hassle, hire Slogan Slingers to come up with the perfect slogan for your law firm. Finding exquisite law firm slogans or law firm taglines has never been easier. Contact us if you want to know more about how slogans can improve your business.