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It Will Come Out in the Wash: Get Yourself a Car Wash Slogan

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Finding a good slogan is key to hooking your potential car wash business customers. But how do you put your product or service first? What catchphrase will interest your potential customers and convince them to buy? Let’s discover how car wash slogans can improve your company’s marketing efforts and how to come up with the perfect tagline.

How Clever Car Wash Slogans Improve Your Marketing

When you were just starting your business, you probably had a hard time imagining how to bring in customers. Whether you use online ads, social media marketing, or old-fashioned billboards, you need a catchy phrase that describes your company. It serves as a reminder of how good your car wash service is and invites the customer to come to you.

Answer to Your Customers’ Needs

Today, when people don’t have the time to read through lines and lines of text, it’s all about your business message. Naturally, it would help if you highlighted the answer to a customer’s need for people to come to your car washing service. 
What does that mean? Well, it means you have to know what your target audience is. You won’t sell Madonna’s latest album to the deaf, nor cars to the blind. So first and foremost, it is essential to reach out to people who potentially need to wash their car or any other service you offer. Just as the lawyers need law firm slogans, you need car wash slogans that will convince people that it is your product or service they need and not that of your competitors. Even if you’re a mobile car wash business then you can look for mobile car wash slogans.

But how to do it correctly?

Avoid Describing Your Car Wash Business

For starters, let’s find out how not to do it.

Avoid being overly descriptive. For example, since you’re selling car washing services, don’t list what you offer in one sentence, especially not technical terms that even your manager doesn’t recognize. Instead, use a phrase that even your grandma understands.

Never forget that your potential customers are bombarded with ads and offers every day. They receive emails, phone calls, see advertisements and follow different pages on social media regularly. So if you complicate with a confusing commercial message, they won’t bother to see your car wash slogan at all.

On the other hand, if your slogan looks like everyone else’s, you can’t stand out from the crowd, and people won’t prefer going to your car washing service.

Highlight the Benefit

You have to pinpoint the main benefit of your business. It would be great if you thought of a car wash slogan idea that will instantly evoke the need to go to your car wash when the customer’s car is dirty.

Ask yourself the following questions when you want to create the perfect car washing service slogan: 

  • How does my business make life more comfortable? 
  • How does my business save customers from a tedious task? 
  • How does it save time? 
  • Does it save any money? 
  • How does a car look after the service?
  • How does it make the customer feel after their car is sparkling clean?

Although you can answer multiple questions, it’s best to focus only on one. It makes the slogan easy to remember, and it makes your job much easier. Plus, it shows the customer what you do best. And that’s what it’s all about: clearly emphasize the benefit they’ll get from your service.

Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm!

As said, when creating a car wash slogan, always focus on the main benefit. Sit down with a pen and paper and scribble away. Make a brainstorming map and a list of keywords that describe what you do.

Once you have the list ready, try to form a catchy sentence. Create several sentences and ask people around you what they think. They will probably have feedback, so use that feedback to make better slogans.

Once you have the right slogan, test it on your marketing channels. For instance, you can put it on your Facebook page, your site, in a signature on your newsletters and your ads. If there will be more customers coming your way, you can give credit to your new slogan.

Still, if you don’t have the time to think of new car wash slogans or you’re not a creative person, make sure to contact Slogan Slingers for the perfect car wash slogan for your business. 
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