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Indiana’s New Tourism Slogan – What do you think?

By February 27, 2014 No Comments

Tourism Slogans, Amusement Park SloganThe Hoosier state has a new slogan.  Indiana debuted “Honest to Goodness Indiana” this week in Indianapolis. It’s the state’s first new slogan since 2006.  Obviously they’re playing off the wholesome, Middle America image they’ve always had versus trying to portray some kind of glitz and excitement that just isn’t there in most tourists’ eyes.  So that seems to be a smart move, strategically.

What do you think of this new slogan?  It’s certainly not going for sophistication, romance or…well much of anything.  But if you’re tired of the debauchery of Las Vegas and want to take a vacation with the whole family, maybe it works?  Let’s face it, Indiana isn’t going to be anyone’s first choice for a vacation destination but maybe this slogan will intrigue some to take another look.

Tourism slogans can be especially difficult.  Speaking of Las Vegas, obviously, they’ve done it better than almost anyone.  “Virginia is for Lovers” has also worked tremendously well as has “I ‘Heart’ New York.”  That one is perhaps the slogan that put tourism slogans on the map to begin with.

Of course, the part that really gets us with Indiana’s new slogan is the price tag.  It cost about $25,000 per word.  Yep, “Honest To Goodness Indiana” cost an honest to goodness fortune.  We’re talking $100,000 of tax payer money.  As crazy as that sounds, that does seem to be the going rate these days for state tourism slogans.  And you didn’t hear this from me but we’ve actually hosted a state slogan contest on Slogan Slingers.  The contest was private so I can’t tell you which state held the contest but I can tell you they only paid $500 and left very happy with the results.  They came back for a different slogan need the next year.

Indiana will spend about $1 million promoting their new slogan and we wish them well with it.  Although it seems to be getting panned locally, we applaud them on realizing that a slogan is critically important in attaining traction for their brand.  So if you feel that vacation to Iowa is going to be too wild and crazy, “Honest to Goodness Indiana” might be just what you’re looking for.  (Oh, and if you need an attraction or amusement park slogan or anything to do with tourism, start a contest with us.)

Indiana’s New Tourism Slogan