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How to Know When your Tagline Needs Changing

By August 14, 2013 No Comments

1950s taglines don't compare to current ones.

Originally, back in the 1950s, taglines were known as “slogans” by the ad agencies.  Sometimes they were also known as the corporate catchphrase, marketing lines or trademark lines.  These days they go under the term of tagline, the terminology may have changed but the basic facts are is that a short and often catchy phrase is used to inform your customers and potential customers what it is you can offer them.

The fact that the terms for a tagline have evolved over the decades raises an important point.  Nothing lasts forever and just as slogans have been replaced by tag lines then so it is worth considering whether your tag line is now outdated.

A great and effective tagline will demonstrate the soul of the company with its personality, attitude and connect with people on an emotional level.  However what used to connect with people years ago may not connect with people in the same way now.  Even worse, it could give your company an inaccurate though detrimental appearance.

Taglines and Customer Relationships

Taglines are a great way to build a relationship with your customers and their effectiveness builds over time.  However there will come a time when it feels tired and will need to be changed, perhaps as an overall change in company image and identity.  If your company is at this stage, don’t worry, it is totally natural and many of the biggest brands have changed their taglines a number of times in the last 50 years.

What was cool then, isn’t always cool now.  A business needs to change with the times, especially if your business is in a fast changing new-age sector such as IT, Communications or Design. Your taglines like everything else should change with the times.

A bad or outdated tagline is worse than having no tag line at all.  In fact it could deter customers and drive them into the arms of your competitors.

A new tagline gives you the opportunity to re-vitalize your business.  It will allow you to both build on the old but also attract the new. That means you should consider staging a slogan contest to generate a new tagline today. It can revitalize your relationship with your existing customers and build bridges to new ones.

A new tagline is one of the most important points of contact between you and the public.  You wouldn’t hire a receptionist who couldn’t convey a professional and friendly image to visitors and people phoning your office so equally it is important to make sure you get the right tag line.  These few words will be your professional image to the world so make sure you pick a good one and if necessary pick good people to do create the tag line.  It and your company deserve the best.