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How To Create Amazing Food Truck Slogans

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How To Create Amazing Food Truck Slogans

This is the impact of an amazing food truck slogan.

One that makes passersby smile, or actually stop and order from your food truck.

The most important thing your food truck needs, and chances are you’re missing out, is getting an awesome food truck slogan.

More and more food trucks are popping up out of nowhere, and they’re growing at lightning speed.

You need to do something to stand out from the rest.

Especially if you’re a new food truck owner.

You need food truck slogans that stop people in their tracks, steal their gaze, and make a dent in their emotions.

And this is how you can create amazing slogans for your business.

What Is A Slogan?

Before that, let’s get the basics nailed down first.

What exactly is a slogan?

The best definition is that it is a short phrase that is used to express an idea or concept. But it’s not just a description of what you do. It’s an integral part of your brand.

Selling hot dogs and burgers” is not a slogan.

Just do it” is a well-known great slogan by Nike.

So we’re clear now, let’s get right to how you can create catchy slogans for food trucks.

How To Create A Catchy Slogan?

Writing a catchy and attention-grabbing slogan is like selling a fridge to an Eskimo. If you know the trick, you can do it quickly.

The idea of creating your own catchy slogan is simple.

You need to keep it simple. Have you ever heard of “Keep It Simple and Stupid (KISS)”?

The job of a slogan is to make it understandable to every single person, whether they are 5 years old or 90 years old.

Every eyeball that lands on your slogan should know what you’re talking about. They may not know what you’re selling, but they know what it means.

Here’s a great example.

The happiest place on Earth” by Disneyland is understood by all ages.

People have different views on the “happiest place,” but they certainly can imagine how it looks and feels like.

Here’s a not-so-successful example.

Baltimore – Get In On It” by Baltimore, in our opinion, is a little unclear and raises question marks like “What does that mean? Huh?”

Here’s the thing. If people are confused, it won’t stick.

You need to keep your slogan super simple and “stupid” so you can be understood by every human being.

A KISS gets you far (Ah, is that a slogan?)

Source: Photo by James Frid from Pexels

Some Slogans to Inspire Your Next Food Truck Slogan

Here are some actual food-related slogans designed by our writers in the SloganSlingers community to get your ideas rolling!

  • Looking to name a section of a restaurant menu: Indulge yourself. They Don’t Know. Only UNO.
  • Aspire Marketplace: Chances are, Get In!
  • Troughtons: Mixed Perfection
  • Restaurant: MexIt! The most amazing menu mix in town!
  • Sweet Willow Ice Cream – Think outside the cone
  • Express Water – Purely Simple.

Disclaimer: These slogans and taglines are copyrighted. Use these as references to brainstorm your ideas.


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