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How Slogans Can Help Small Businesses

By July 12, 2021 No Comments
Open sign for a local business

Any big business can be recognized by its slogan. Almost anyone hearing “Just Do It” will instantly think of Nike the same way they will think of Mcdonald’s when they hear the phrase “I’m Lovin’ It.” Since slogans benefit these companies so much, would they benefit a smaller company? Small Businesses can struggle to stand out but since slogans help strengthen brand recall to help with this problem. By using a slogan as a branding technique, it can quickly deliver the information a small business wants to share with its customers.  The less amount of time it takes for someone to read and understand a slogan the better. A business should avoid the possibility of a customer losing interest.

There are many ways a small business can use a slogan. It is important to have one in places customers will see. For example, the front page of a company’s website is a good place, along with business cards and any packaging the product might be in, for instance, shoe boxes. Once a customer sees a slogan, they can associate that with the brand of the business making it easier to recall when shopping. Slogans are important for consistency and branding. That means it speaks for the brand and the more consistent it is over time, the more likely people are to come back. 

To show the friendly environments in small businesses.
Small business have a friendly environment that can’t be found anywhere else.

Small businesses are becoming more popular so, why not use a creative slogan to stand out? Attract more customers and create a solid foundation for a brand to continue to grow. Slogans only benefit small businesses, and they must have one.  To get a slogan for your small business go start a contest at Slogan Slingers!