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Hollywood Taglines

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If you think that coming up with a tagline for your business is difficult, then spare a thought for those creative studio types who have to come up with slogans for the latest movie.

Hundreds of millions of dollars can be at stake depending on the success of the marketing of the movie.  Whilst promo videos can do a lot, when it comes down to it, often taglines at the end of each trailer or at the bottom of that movie poster is either going to entice cinema goers or make them spend their money in another theater.

Tinsel Town Taglines

The fact that taglines are important to a movie demonstrates how important picking a good tagline is for your business.  As a tagline can make or break a movie then the same goes for your organization.  It is a shame for such a small but important element of your business to be so pivotal to your success but that is how it goes.

On average it take 18 months to 2 years for a Hollywood movie to go from the writers head to the big screen and in the meantime millions of dollars are spent and hundreds of people are involved in a project that has to be financed in advance with no guarantees of success.

Imagine hearing about a new action blockbuster, it stars all of the big names and has car chases and exploding helicopters and probably the odd wise-crack.  If the tagline for it is something lousy and forgettable people will avoid the film. A strapline which doesn’t relate in any way to the movie genre such as “the best nature documentary this year” will simply confuse and frustrate moviegoers.

Driving the Audience Away

Anyone with half a brain is going to think twice about seeing it as the reasoning goes if they can’t come up with a good slogan how can the movie be any good?  Likewise an awful movie with a catchy tagline and a colorful poster will probably fool lots of people into seeing a film they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

All of the best movies have a great tagline.  True they’d be a good movie without one but the tagline is the frosting on the cake.  Many of the best taglines are memorable decades after the release of the film.  They not only tell you a bit about the film but are memorable too.  “In Space no-one can hear you scream” can only belong to one film, Alien and not to a comedy road-trip.

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