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Helping us to help you

By September 25, 2013 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

We’ve already helped a large number of organizations come up with new taglines and straplines.  When I say we, of course I mean our large team of imaginative and talented creative types that are dedicated to providing companies with memorable and quality slogans for your business.

What sets Slogan Slingers apart from our rivals is that they use computer algorithms.  Such taglines can be clever and in many ways advanced but they can also be sterile and unimaginative.  They don’t have that touch of magic that we do.  As every good organization knows or at least claims, our most important asset is our people. Our people are the writers who work on our slogan competitions.

Talented Writers

Our writers are a talented bunch and they can pretty much work magic but it always helps if when you set up a slogan competition you can give us some key information then it really will help us to help you.  Let us know a little about your company, what you do, where you’re going.

If you provide information on what taglines your competitors are using then it helps set the scene and gives our writers some insights on the industry sector is like.  If you have examples of  a slogan that you like, or just as importantly, what you don’t like then let us have them.  This will ensure that you receive a slogan that really hit the mark.

The Slogans Start Rolling

Once you have created the competition, the slogans will soon start rolling in.  Don’t think though that you can’t fine-tune your competition guidelines.  If you are receiving ideas that don’t match up with your needs, you can make the slogan entries to be more specific. Or you simply add more information that will help our writers then you can make the necessary changes to your competition right up until closing time.

These details only take a few minutes to write down but they are important to our creative writers.  They help to spark that bit of imagination that will give you that killer tagline that will separate your business from competitors

Of course some of the other slogan websites don’t need this information but that is because they are simply clever program codes generating the strapline.  They come out boring and staid because they don’t have any imagination behind them and they don’t understand your company or industry or even rivals like any of us.  That’s what gives us that creative difference.

Best of all, you get to judge the winning slogan which you will use in your company branding.  Often, you will get plenty of really good slogans but don’t worry, you don’t have to trash them.  You can select some of your favorites at greatly discounted prices in addition to your nominated winner.

So what are you waiting for, that slogan ain’t going to write itself!