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Help Make Slogan Slingers Even Better

By December 18, 2010 No Comments

Slogan Slingers has forever changed the face of advertising slogans and advertising taglines.   Even though we’re less than a year old, we’ve already seen contests involving six countries, some ingenious movie slogans,  and some of the best company slogans and taglines, all delivered at a fraction of the price of a traditional advertising agency.  It’s a great start…especially since we’re just getting going.  Many of you, whether you’re a professional slogan writer or a business needing a slogan, you’ve given us some great suggestions for improvement which we’ll be incorporating in a first major upgrade to the site.  However, if you have some ideas for Slogan Slingers, we’d love to here them.  Please email your suggestions to  Or leave your slogan advice here.

Advertising slogans and advertising taglines, company slogans and company taglines are now easier than ever to attain thanks to all of you.   We have the best slogan writers in the business, the sharpest slogan contest holders around and we can’t thank each and every one of you enough for your support.