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Food For Thought – We Rank The Best Pizza Restaurant Slogans.

By November 24, 2010 No Comments

At Slogan Slingers, there are two things we love above all else. A good line and a good meal. That got us thinking about the best pizza restaurant slogans currently in use.  This category is among the most high profile in all of marketing and it’s one that has produced some of the most memorable marketing catchphrases out there.   So here are our thoughts on the pizza slogans that get delivered to customers every day.

BEST Pizza Restaurant Slogan: Oh Yes, We Did. (Domino’s Pizza)
We love it when a restaurant slogan serves as the culmination of the restaurant’s overall marketing strategy. Not that long ago Domino’s was reeling. Customers felt their pizzas weren’t good enough and the company was unwilling to change.

Then they rocked the pizza world. They literally changed everything about their pizzas. The move was unprecedented and customers responded virtually right away.  “Oh yes we did” is Domino’s at the ready answer to the unspoken question on every customer and potential customer’s mind. The line is edgy, conveys momentum and is unforgettable. You’d almost think they got it through a Slogan Slingers contest.

HONORABLE MENTION: Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s. (Papa John’s)
This now time tested pizza restaurant slogan was once deemed so inflammatory by Pizza Hut they sued to get it banned. The case even went all the way to the Supreme Court. Is it the most ingenious turn of phrase? No. But does it make a statement that continues to strengthen Papa John’s perception as being the highest quality mega-pizza chain in the industry? It sure does.

WORST: Your Favorites. Your Pizza Hut.
There have been some bad pizza slogans over the years. Domino’s “Avoid The Noid” wasn’t just a loser among the Italian pie sellers, it’s considered one of the worst overall marketing slogans from one of the most ill advised campaigns ever conceived. While Domino’s has since atoned for bad pizza slogans and pizza taglines in the past, Pizza Hut seems to serve up forgettable slogans topped with generic blandness decade after decade. With “Your Favorites. Your Pizza Hut.” it almost makes forget about  “Gather ‘Round The Good Stuff” another Pizza Hut stinker.

No matter how you slice it, the best advertising slogans stick in your brain. So when customers are deciding whom to call for a large peperoni, extra anchovies, having that catchy slogan just might be enough to put one company over the top of another in the selection process.

What do you think? Is there a local pizza joint in your neighborhood that has a great slogan? Let us know. Happy eating and happy slogan slinging!