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Five Essential Steps For Great Business Cards

By June 27, 2012 No Comments

By: Jessica Kornfeind

It seems that everything tangible has become digital these days, but one tangible item that still matters is your business card.  Business cards are still playing a vital role in representing you and your business.

These cards are often a business’ first impression when you meet with others face to face.  They serve as a ticket to reconnect with people later on who could play an important future role in your business. As the saying goes, first impressions are everything and your business card plays a part in how you come across to others.

I can attest to this. When I return home from a large event, businesses cards are the link to the people I’ve met and possibly want to do business with. But I often return with hundreds of cards and to be honest, those that get my attention are the cards that really stand out.

Is your business card effectively representing you and your business? Take a good look at your business card and compare it with others that you have. What message is it sending? Does it stand out? Is it unique? Does it represent good quality?

Template-based design websites are an acceptable solution for startups with no budget. Sites like LogoSnap offer free logo design along with template business cards.  If you put in some time and effort and apply your inner designer, you can create a perfectly good card.  But if you really want a standout card, a custom business card design is definitely the way to go.

Here are five ideas to effectively customize your business card, whether you’re doing it yourself, or writing a creative brief for an individual designer or a design crowd. We have provided examples from our graphic design crowdsourcing platform MycroBurst to illustrate these ideas:

1.  Add your photo.  A photo is a great memory trigger and a favorite with real estate agents. Ensure your photo is of high quality.  

2. Utilize the back of the card. Enlarge your logo in a simple form to take over the entire back of your business card, which gives it an elegant look.  

3. Use bright colors and/or textures.  A brightly colored card in a pile will catch someone’s eye.  Be sure to consider the practicality of the background color you use: a black background is becoming an increasingly popular trend, but what if someone wants to write on your card?

4. Add a surprising element. Don’t be afraid to ask the designer to be creative – part of this card is transparent! 

5. Consider an unusual shape. Something other than the standard rectangle will make you stand out in a pile, but be sure that your card will still fit in a standard wallet.

In addition to the design of the card, include all of your contact details and triple check them to make sure there are no typos.

And aside from your company name, logo and contact information, you could also add social media links and a QR code that scans directly to your website.  Here you could offer a special promotion (it’s a good conversation topic when you hand out your card – tell them to scan the code for a surprise!).

If you decide your company card might need a facelift, check out MycroBurst to start your custom business card design today.

Jessica Kornfeind is the Marketing Coordinator for MycroBurst and LogoSnap.