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Finding the Right Business Taglines.

By August 19, 2014 No Comments

The origins of the term tagline are quite straight forward, it is literally tagging  your product, service or event with a line. There’s a reason business taglines came into being.  They can express in just a few short words what your name and even your logo can’t.  Many also, use taglines as a means of driving an action to occur from a target audience.  In many cases that’s plunking down money for a purchase of some kid.Thinking Lady - Business Taglines

What many businesses are just now starting realize is that company taglines don’t have to be reserved for just the business itself.  They can be used for individual products and services, too.  After all, everything is marketing.  Everything is branding.  Everything could use an extra push in an increasingly competitive business landscape.  Of course choosing the right business tagline isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do.

Sometimes knows as straplines, marketing taglines should focus on creating an emotional impact in just a short phrase or sentence. A quick word of advice though.  A lot of businesses create taglines just meant to appeal to potential customers or clients and don’t focus on existing customers.  This can be a big mistake because existing customers are often the ones who see your line most often.  So make sure it’s appealing to both audiences. And wait, there’s another audience still.  Those who work at a given company are also influenced by your business tagline.  A good one will inspire and motivate.  It can serve as a rallying cry.  A poor one, especially one that overpromises or doesn’t jive with company culture, can actually cause resentment or apathy.

If you are fortunate enough to find a tagline that really hits home internally, use it everywhere.  Company shirts, coffee mugs, signage and more help drive home the taglines message home and unify the workforce.  Remember, many of the best slogans are a challenge which is perfect for internal and external marketing.

So let’s say you’ve opened a crowdsource tagline contest for new business taglines on Slogan Slingers.  You’re now looking at almost 100 options.  How do you know which on

e is right for you?  Here are some helpful tips.

Keep it simple.  Many people try and accomplish too much or include multiple benefits into a single line.  That will make your marketing taglines too long.  They’ll be seen but not read.  A great line will focus on the most compelling aspect of your company product or service.  Sometimes that’s even just a single word.

Be Bold But Realistic.  Everyone knows that marketers tend to overpromise and overhype.  Not every Italian restaurant can serve the greatest lasagne in the history of humankind.  However, there are some things you might do better than a lot of folks. Maybe it’s incredible service.  Perhaps it’s fresher ingredients. Is it the lowest cost for quality of its kind? The point is you can brag, especially about something you’re great at, but if you get to carried away, you get lumped in with the 1000 other companies doing the same thing.

Avoid the Familiar. This is one if the biggest problems we see at Slogan Slingers.  We’ll have a contest where among the entries are several brilliant marketing taglines that really catch you off guard. They would stand out and get people talking and motivated to buy.  Yet when the marketing tagline contest holder picks a winner, they go with the safest most expected, most generic line.  Lines like “Your home for quality” or “We do the job right.”  These options could be for any business in almost any industry.  They don’t help you stand out.  If it sounds like a lot of other lines, many people see that as a sign that the line is working.  We feel that’s a sign you need to pick something else.

As we always say, all the advice in the world is great but it means nothing if no action is taken.  So use this helpful advice and start your company tagline contest today!