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Fancy Yourself A Slogan Maker?

By June 6, 2012 No Comments


Here on the Slogan Slingers Blog, we tend to write posts geared mostly towards our contest holders.  But this particular blog is geared towards you, the slogan maker, the slogan generator….the writer.  We get a lot of amazing writers on our site.  What might surprise you is that a great writer is not necessarily a great writer of advertising slogans.  Writing taglines, catchphrases, company mottos, whatever you want to call them is a special skill.  And if you can do it, you should be proud. Most “writers” can’t.

A lot of people also envision the slogan maker as eccentric, moody, quirky or too cool for school.  In reality, most of our writers are actually down to earth, extremely professional and a blast to interact with.  So if you’re a slogan generator machine and let your work do the talking instead of simply looking the part, you should be proud.


I think the best thing about our site is that everyone’s work has to speak for itself.  The taglines, catchphrases and advertising headlines submitted on our site don’t include bios or explanations.  The creative housewife with the brilliant tagline can beat the 20 year pro.  So If you’re not registered on our site and you fancy yourself a slogan maker, give it a shot.  We’d love to see what advertising slogans you can come up with.


Yes, the clients, the contest holders are the ones who are technically our customers.  But we consider it an honor and a privilege to serve our writers, as well.   We’re having a great time growing this site and we hope you are too.  So keep those advertising slogans and taglines coming!  Your amazing creativity continues to inspire us every day.

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On a side note, we are continuing to work on Name My Blank for renaming companies, generating new business names and more.  Hopefully we’ll have a couple test contests in the next couple months.  We are focusing most of our energy on this site but we have big plans for NameMyBlank in the future.