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Dos and Don’ts of Writing Slogans for the Medical Industry

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slogans for the medical industry

The do's and don'ts of slogans for the medical industry.

One might think that to write a slogan all one needs is an understanding of the company or product requesting the slogan and a creative mind.  However, there are general rules to writing a slogan. Slogans must be short, honest, and memorable, for example.  In addition to these basic rules that apply to all slogans, there are some dos and don’ts for writing slogans in particular industries.  For example, the health care industry requires sensitivity to the attitude of patients targeted by the slogan.  Here are some of the additional dos and don’ts to consider when writing a slogan for a client in the health care industry.


  • DO keep a positive perspective on the body in general.  This rule tracks with the general rule of staying positive in your slogan, but it is especially important because the health care industry deals with the human body, specifically in treatment of injuries or enhancing beauty.


  • DON’T make any references to blood.  The majority of individuals are squeamish about blood.  This is especially true when looking at health care providers and products.  In fact, the industry as a whole has avoided the use of the color red wherever possible because people will associate red with blood in the health care industry.


  • DO play to the strengths of the business.  Think about what makes this particular business or product great.  Remember, a slogan is a way to outshine competitors.  What do they do better than their competitor, or what can they offer that their competitor can’t.  Some common strengths are top quality care and access to the best products, and low wait times in the case of walk-in clinics and emergency rooms at hospitals.


  • DON’T play on the fears or anxiety of general public toward health care.   Very few people enjoy seeking health care, as shown by the number of home remedies and sayings about how to keep away from the doctor.  Slogans should alleviate fears and anxieties without accusing the public of having them.


  • DO know your audience.  A slogan for a hospital should have a different tone and language than a slogan for a drug manufacturer who only sells to medical providers.  Think not only about the level of education and familiarity with medical terminology, but also about the attitude of your audience toward health care and the ways your customer will use the product or service.


There are additional rules for the health care industry, and different rules for writing slogans for other industries.  Here at Slogan Slingers, our slogan writers are familiar with the dos and don’ts of slogans in any industry.  Let them write the perfect slogan for your company.  Call or click here now to get started!