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Does A Catchy Slogan Make A Good Domain Name?

By November 9, 2011 No Comments

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to discover that if you click “” you’re whisked over to Apple’s website.  One of the nation’s most successful personal injury attorneys has built an entire brand around his brilliant law firm slogan “For The People.”  It’s also his domain name.  Catchy slogans be they construction company slogans, insurance company slogans or hospital slogans obviously work well in advertising and overall branding but for the small and medium sized business, is it smart to make your slogan your domain as well?


The first thing to consider is your organization’s name itself.  If it’s short, sweet, somewhat memorable and relatively easy to spell, it might be wise to stick with that.  You certainly want to include your slogan on your website in a prominent way, just maybe not as the domain itself.   There are a lot of companies out there, however, that unfortunately have pretty generic names.  Ohio Plumbing Solutions.  Philadelphia Medical Associates.  Parker Auto Repair.  Other business names might be spelled in a way that’s difficult to determine.  (Maeriolos Cafe, for example) In those cases, a great advertising slogan could go along way in helping you stand outand be found easily on the web.


Another reason to consider using slogans for domain names is if your name is already been taken.  Instead of going with a .biz, .cc or .whatever, an original slogan can get you the more respected “.com” domain.


Finally, companies who use their catchy slogans effectively often find their company slogan is the most memorable thing about their brand.  So if you use Slogan Slingers as a slogan generator and get an outstanding marketing slogan, it could serve you well for years.  Just make sure you mention that you plan to use your slogan in your domain name in you contest brief.   That will steer the entries towards shorter, snappier slogans.  Best of luck and you can start your slogan contest here and have professional writers compete to create your slogan for a price you determine.