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Do weird and unusual slogans work?

By August 7, 2012 No Comments

Unusual slogans can sometimes be the best way to convey a message or promote a product. A company called Virtuous Clothing which sells Christian themed t-shirts and other items of apparel is having success attracting attention with some unusual taglines. These odd but catchy slogans include the tagline “virtuously fly.”

Unfortunately such taglines don’t always work. They can sometimes confuse the intended audience rather than attract attention. It is also very easy to offend your intended audience when using an unusual tagline.

So when should you employ a weird catchphrase for your business or product? The answer is when you want to attract attention or set your organization apart from the crowd. Virtuous Clothing wants to set itself apart from traditional apparel companies and standard notions of a Christian business, so an unusual tagline is appropriate.

There are other occasions where such a catchphrase could hurt a business or drive business away. An example of that would be a phrase that brings up a controversial or offensive subject. That would include anything that might have a sexual connotation, wording that brings up a political issue or historical allusions.

Therefore every slogan maker should do some research before employing an unorthodox slogan. There could be other meanings for a phrase that you are unaware of. The word fly has several different slang meanings including some which many people will find offensive.

Some words can be viewed as an insult by some groups or in some areas of the country. The word “neat” can be used a metaphor for cool but some people think of it as an insult. The term special can mean a distinguished or extraordinary person or it can be a derogatory term for persons with mental handicaps.

A slogan generator should always keep the context that the words are going to be used in mind when devising a catchphrase. “Tastes great less filling” works well for light beer but it wouldn’t sell many hamburgers.

In some cases a serious or dignified slogan is necessary. A humorous phrase would not be an appropriate way to promote a funeral home. In others a serious catchphrase could be equally offensive. Using a serious phrase to promote a fast food franchise or an amusement arcade makes no sense.

Weird phrasing is a great way for a slogan maker to convey a sense of fun about a place or business. The “coolest pizza in town” would be a great way to set a pizza parlor apart.

Unusual slogans can be catchy and effective if they are used correctly. Yet you have to be careful with such wording because it can easily backfire and drive customers away.