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Connections with Customers

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The whole point of slogans or taglines as they are often now known as, is to connect with customers old, new and prospective.  Some of the best slogans are those which sound believable.  Promising the world doesn’t always work and people are naturally doubtful about statements that imply their entire life is going to improve just by making a simple purchase.

If your company slogan is something which customers can believe, they won’t just buy into your tagline but they are much more likely to buy from you period.  Depending on your industry, it may be worth deciding upon a slogan that is slightly longer than the one or two words which many tech businesses in particular love so much.

Plausibility is the Key to a Successful Slogan

Having a slightly longer slogan allows people to connect with it on an emotional level.  If it sounds plausible then they are likely to believe it.

Most people will have heard the phrase ‘An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. This isn’t some old country saying by a wise grandma but instead a slogan devised by an ad agency in 1920’s London.

It didn’t just work because it was catchy but because people could see the connection between eating healthy and staying healthy. Nearly a century later and we are still familiar with the slogan long after we’ve forgotten the name of the fruit company who commissioned it.

Longer Slogans work too

It’s not just businesses who can benefit from a slightly longer slogan.   Even President Obama is thought to have largely won his first presidential election by using one.

He didn’t besmirch his opponent or come up with a bland slogan as so often used by politicians of both sides such as ‘Positive Change’ but instead used ‘Change We Can Believe In’.  Whatever you think of his politics, the slogan is undeniably a classic one, his slogan didn’t promise the earth but captured enough voters imaginations that relatively small amount he did promise was actually possible.

Many of us are so over-exposed to one or two word straplines from technology giants that we forget the alternatives.  Depending on the business sector that you are operating in, it is important to adjust your slogan taking into account of your customer base.

By specifying the type of slogans you like and those of rival organizations you admire in your slogan writing contest. You are much more likely to get a slogan that will help you forge an emotional bond with customers.