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College Slogans & School Tagline Ideas

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It has never been more competitive for universities and colleges to recruit students to their campuses. Institutions of higher learning have to stand out from hundreds if not thousands of competing schools. It’s important to grab a students’ attention and sell them on why your school is the best choice. This is where college slogans and taglines come in. Universities and colleges have used taglines since their emergence but they’re using them now more than ever.

University taglines and slogans help schools identify themselves in a few words. Those words are repeated throughout their marketing, sealing their identity and solidifying their brand. The more the students become familiar with a school slogan, the higher the emotional attachment. The tagline becomes more and more important with every read.

Stanford University’s slogan of “The wind of freedom blows” is a remarkable slogan encompassing the schools identity. The Stanford family who started the school wanted to create a university that was non-traditional. At the time the school was founded, there were only male dominated religious private schools. But the Stanford’s set out to begin a coeducational, non-denominational school. The slogan has guided their brand for generations.

Students are understandably picky about their choice of higher education. A school’s logo and slogan are often the firm impressions that a college or university makes. So having a strong college or university slogan is critical. Believe it or not, we’ve had some major educational institutions get their slogan or tagline from Slogan Slingers. (Unfortunately, they’ve all kept their contests private so we can’t reveal who but several are quite well known.) Our writers have generated slogans for Universities and colleges within universities. We’ve helped generate lots of slogans for private high schools as well.

Ok, enough about us. Now it’s your turn. We’ve listed 60 college and university slogans below. (None of these were from Slogan Slingers, sadly.) Go on our Facebook page and list your favorite 10 in order. We’d love to get your opinion!

  1. The wind of freedom blows.
    Stanford University
  2. Minds move mountains. University of Oregon
  3. No one like you. No place like this. University of North Florida
  4. Knowledge to go places. Colorado State University
  5. Above all nations is humanity. University of Hawaii
  6. Greatness within our grasp. University of Vermont
  7. The power of AND. University of Wisconsin
  8. Achieve without conspicuousness. Miami University
  9. A legacy of leading. University of Idaho
  10. Not unmindful of the future.
  11. Washington and Lee University
  12. Powering minds.Arkansas State University
  13. The divine within the universe, however manifested, is my light.
    University of Wisconsin
  14. To faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge.
    West Virginia University
  15. Life, sweetness, hope.
    University of Notre Dame
  16. Wisdom is eternal.
    University of Northern Colorado
  17. Who will? Spartans will.
  18. Michigan State University
  19. Because this is Auburn. Auburn University
  20. It’s time for Texas A&M. Texas A&M University
  21. Fulfilling the promise. Indiana University
  22. World class. Face to face.
  23. Washington State University
  24. Splendor without end.
    Boise State University
  25. Be opened.
    Gallaudet University
  26. The character of success.
    Bryant University
  27. Let it all hang out.
    Evergreen State College
  28. As an eagle towards the sky.
    Bowdoin College
  29. Minds move mountains.
    University of Oregon
  30. Investing in lifetimes.
    Radford University
  31. To the stars through difficulties.
    Campbell University
  32. Truth, even unto its innermost parts.
    Brandeis University
  33. Let us dare.
    Champlain College
  34. From confidence, courage.
    Dillard University
  35. Learning lives forever.
    Southern Utah University
  36. More. From day one.
    Indiana State University
  37. Unto the whole person.
    Hendrix College
  38. Believe, belong, become.
    Howard Payne University
  39. Where passions soar.
    Northern New Mexico College
  40. Strong truths well lived.
    Loyola University Maryland
  41. Challenge convention, change our world.
    Clark College
  42. To value the better things.
    Cardinal Stritch University
  43. Learning without limits.
    William Woods University
  44. Boldly, happily, faithfully.
    University of Louisiana
  45. Wisdom is eternal.
    University of Northern Colorado
  46. Driven by doing.
    University of Memphis
  47. One destination, many paths.
    Mills College
  48. Get in. Stand out.
    Lake Erie College
  49. Whatever hazards, go forward.
    Seton Hall University
  50. Your first step is to define yourself. Your destiny is to redefine the world.
    Morehouse College
  51. Ever to excel.
    Boston College
  52. The spirit makes the master.
    Western Kentucky University
  53. To faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge.
    West Virginia University
  54. Ideas into action. Action into service.
    American University
  55. Where dreams take root…and grow.
    Morehead State University
  56. Learners becoming leaders.
    Regis University
  57. All for one. One for all. That’s the power of X.
    Xavier University
  58. I delight in the truth.
    Bryn Mawr College
  59. Think big. We do.
    University of Rhode Island
  60. Shining with untarnished honor.
    Wofford College