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Choosing the Best Slogan for Your Real Estate Business

By August 7, 2021 No Comments

The real estate business has grown exponentially in the past couple of years. As a result, everyone’s trying to get in on the action. New realtors are joining the industry at a record pace. With so much competition coming, every day, it gets tougher to stand out, get noticed, and land prime listings. You have a logo. You have your photo on your business card.  What you might be missing is a real estate slogan or tagline. Slogans are often overlooked but can be a pivotal way to get your brand noticed. They are a short and creative ways to express what makes you and/or your agency different. 

When choosing a slogan, it is important to keep in mind certain questions. First ask yourself what does your real estate business have to offer that is different from everyone else. Think about the tone you want your slogan to have and who your target audience it. Think about if there is any way to play off your personal name or your agency name that will help potential clients better remember you. Once you’ve thought that through it’s time to get your slogan created. 

Of course, you’re a real estate agent. You’re not a marketing expert or a professional writer. You’ll need to hire someone who can conceive of a creative, memorable, and effective real estate agent slogan. Some people hire a local ad agency but a slogan can cost thousands that way. If you’re looking for lots of options, a quick turnaround, and a lot cost. You should consider a slogan contest from Slogan Slingers. Pick a prize amount to put up and freelance writers will contribute ideas hoping to win your prize. You pick the real estate slogan you like best, the writer gets your prize money and just like that, you have a new slogan or tagline. 

Success in being a real estate agent is all about standing out. A new business slogan can help you do just that. Get your contest started now on Slogan Slingers. We’re your home for real estate slogans.