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Catchy Slogans in International Packing and Shipping

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One constant in international business is the need for international shipping.  Whether you are shipping small quantities or large, shipping can take up a significant portion of your annual budget.  Individuals also rely on international shipping for things such as letters and even furniture. With such a high demand, a multitude of competitors, shipping companies have turned to catchy slogans to promote their image and message.  Each of the three biggest names in international shipping has a slogan.


UPS uses a single slogan, “What can brown do for you?” for all of its services.  “Brown” of course, refers to the easily recognizable brown trucks and uniforms.  The message is crystal clear—UPS is focusing on their excellent customer service and a wide range of shipping services that fit the need of a myriad of consumers, from big business to a single individual.  While UPS’s slogan is short, honest, and clearly promotes its message, it is not a very catchy slogan.  The lack of catchiness hasn’t seemed to hurt UPS in the least, however, as business continues to boom.


One of UPS’s biggest competitors, FedEx, didn’t stop at a single slogan.  In fact, the company has three that it uses regularly.  The first, “Relax, its FedEx,” is used to promote the company as a whole.  Anyone who has shipped a package overseas knows that the process can time consuming, expensive, and stressful.  FedEx’s slogan tries to take the anxiety out of shipping by saying, “Hey, we’re FedEx, and we’ll take care of it for you.”  In addition to being a message that the overworked consumer wants to hear, the short, rhyming slogan is catchy and easy to remember.  The second slogan, “The world on time,” is geared mostly toward its business consumers.  While it is not a very catchy slogan, it doesn’t need to be because the message focuses on one of the biggest concerns of business—will my package be delivered on time?  The third, used to promote its overnight shipping services, “when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight,” sends the same message as the second, with a sense of urgency.  The combination of these three slogans has helped make FedEx a giant in the international shipping industry.


DHL also has a slogan to help it compete for business—“Excellence.  Simply delivered.”  This slogan reflects a simple, no nonsense way of shipping, free of the usual complexities.  It also promotes the idea that DHL is the best shipping company.  The second part, “simply delivered” plays on the type of business DHL runs.  This catchy slogan captures a message that most businesses and individuals can relate to.


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