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How does a fairly common business with a product that many other people sell distinguish itself from the pack? One answer is with a very distinctive and original slogan. Car dealers often face this predicament there are thousands of them out there and many of them sell the exact same brands.

Original taglines are one cost effective method of setting car dealerships apart from one another. A major goal of such taglinesis to show customers or potential customers that the dealership is different. Another is to dispel popular negative notions about automobile dealerships many of which are based on experience. These notions include images of pushy salesmen and widespread dishonesty on the showr

Taglines for car dealerships

Catchy slogans are great for car dealerships!

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Interesting Car Dealership Slogans

Here are some interesting and very creative attempts at setting car dealerships apart from the rest of the industry with slogans:

The most popular and pervasive car dealer slogan around today is the tagline for the giant dealership network CarMax: “CarMax. The way car buying should be.” This tagline is saying that CarMax is different from other dealers, it lacks aggressive salespeople and questionable sales tactics. It also promises a laid back and easy going car shopping experience.

A similar tagline is utilized by a British dealership chain called the Car People: “The hassle-free way to buy a car.” This isn’t very original but it gets the point across. To a lot of people automobile shopping is a real chore. Many people dread going near the dealers because of past experiences. The idea is that the dealer wants to make it easy for you to buy a car.

The European car dealer Arnold Clark instead tries to play on the lack of trust many people have for car dealers. Its’ tagline is: “Arnold Clark. Promises delivered.” The not so subtle message here is you can trust us. A strong message especially for all the people who feel they’ve been lied to or deceived by a dealer.

Building a Relationship with Slogans

These slogans all have the purpose of building a relationship with customers in a business with a long history of questionable customer service. The idea is to create a long term relationship and repeat customers.

These slogans often go against the grain in an industry that often emphasizes low prices and value above all else. The writers of these taglines recognize the fact that mindlessly harping on value or low prices puts a lot of customers off. Many people equate an obsession with value and low prices with low quality and a lack of customer service.

People who might put up with such a state of affairs when they buy a low cost product such soap but they won’t accept bargain basement tactics in a high value purchase such as a new car. A person planning to spend a large percentage of her income on a purchase wants a good relationship.

Building customer relationships is a difficult task that requires a long term commitment, understanding and hard work. The tagline can only show that a car dealership is dedicated to such efforts. Unless the dealer is willing to back the promises made in the slogan with actions, the tagline is a waste of time and money.