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Can Slogans Change Behavior and Solve Social Problems?

By July 31, 2012 No Comments

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is asking an intriguing question that every slogan maker should ponder. Press reports indicate that Bondi is asking for a memorable tagline for a campaign to keep expectant mothers from abusing prescription drugs.

Bondi’s search for a catchy slogan raises the question: can taglines actually change behavior, perhaps to the extent of helping to solve or ease social problems. It is not a new concept and there is some evidence that a catchy slogan can alter behavior.

Anybody who is over the age of 25 probably remembers the tagline: “Just Say No.” First Lady Nancy Reagan played slogan maker back in the 1980s and used that catchphrase to great effect in the war on the drugs. Even though it sounded simple that tagline actually conveyed an important and powerful message that seemed to get through.

Bondi’s search for a slogan designed to get young mothers not to abuse prescription should remind us of the power that taglines can. If a few simple words can change popular behavior they can certainly help a business sell its products or make the public aware of its services. Therefore an advertising slogan generator really can help your business.

A new catchphrase can change the way customers perceive your business or its service. An advertising slogan generator can be one of the best ways to make the public aware of a new business or a new service offered by existing firm. By changing public perceptions catchphrases can get a business to accept a new product or idea and get customers to alter their behavior.

Just as Nancy Reagan helped change public attitudes about drugs in the 1980s with a simple slogan. An advertising slogan generator can help you change the public attitude about your business and its products.

The attorney general’s efforts should remind us that slogans are far more than just an advertising gimmick. Sloganeering can be a powerful behavior changing tool rather than just a gimmick.

Since slogans can change behavior and attitudes you should put a lot of time and effort into creating one. Your catchy slogan could change how the public perceives your business and its services.