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Branding Slogans Don’t Get Much Bigger Than This. Literally.

By December 2, 2010 No Comments

The national rail and shipping company CSX has a new marketing slogan / tagline.  It’s, “How tomorrow moves.”   They believe in this advertising slogan so much they undertook the expense of having it placed prominently on their skyscraper in Jacksonville, FL.  It replaces what was previously  just their logo.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing one of the best slogans in marketing getting featured this way.

We’re often asked if it’s appropriate to put a catchy slogan on a building, office condo, etc.  We feel it is…if your marketing slogan is good enough.  If one of those automated, free slogan generators online gave you the advertising slogan, “Big service, small prices” we wouldn’t paste that in the company bathroom.  But if you use the slogan generators from Slogan Slingers…incredibly talented freelance slogan writers, you’ll get a slogan you’ll want to put on buildings, T-shirts or even tattoo on your forehead.  If you’re ready to open a slogan contest, we’d love to help!