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Be Clear Not Clever

By October 3, 2013 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

Have you ever watched a TV commercial which seems to be filmed with the budget of a Hollywood movie but the mystery of a French film-noir?  At first your attention is gained.  Golly gosh, this thing must be good just look at the scope of the ad.  Hmmm, I wonder what it’s about?

I know I’ll just watch the end of the commercial, all is going to be revealed right?  I mean, they want to sell me something don’t they?  Soon you get puzzled or worse still bored.  Finally, it reaches its conclusion.

That was great wasn’t it?  What were they selling by the way?  I don’t know but didn’t it look good.  A few hours later, you watch it again and you don’t even remember seeing it before but then you realize you did and that you still don’t know what they are advertising.

Mystery is Not Good in Slogans

The media is full of advertising types who think that we’ve seen it all before and to a degree we all have.  They think that by being clever, by raising our interest that we will be curious and investigate the product or business themselves doing their work for them!

Sometimes this approach to slogan writing might work but only if it the approach is very new and very clever.  Usually it is an approach taken by marketing execs who are all trying to out-do each other and get a big pat on their back for their ingenuity.

The big problem here is that generally speaking in the real world, people don’t have time to spare from their hectic lives to go do some investigative work.  People, whether your existing customers or potential ones all have urgent problems and they need to see easy and quick solutions.

Keep the Mystery out of Your Slogans

Why not take a look at your website or your business cards.  Are the slogans clear about what it is your business is offering?  Don’t miss out on business by being too clever.  Simple and clear taglines that tell your target audience what they want to hear will always beat clever and ambiguous taglines.

If you have any doubts about your existing tagline then the chances are lots of other people do too and doubts mean lost opportunities and lost sales.  Holding a slogan contest at Slogan Slingers is a quick, innovative and effective way to help you come up with the tagline that you need.

We guarantee that you’ll instantly get the slogans that our writers will come up with and even more importantly, they won’t leave your customer base scratching their heads.