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Bad Slogans – Another Senseless Slogan Tragedy.

By July 11, 2012 No Comments

slogans, taglines, tagline, slogan maker, slogan generatorYou ever have one of those great days where the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and life is perfect.  Then something, although trivial, spins the day in the other direction?  That’s what I felt when I saw this direct mail piece come into our office mail room today.  Bad advertising slogans and taglines really get me upset.  I know it’s stupid.  I know that there a thousands – no, tens of thousands of problems far worse than someone failing to use an effective, catchy slogan by coming up with the line themselves or using an inferior slogan maker or slogan generator.  But this is our passion at Slogan Slingers so you’ll have to forgive us.


“Put us to work for you!”  – Really?  That’s the best you could do?


Some people rely on a solo slogan maker who will give you some hack line that means nothing to anyone.  Ick.  I know that some people use a slogan generator online that will spit out cliche slogans for free.  Double Ick.  I feel the same people who go that route also wear sweatpants on a first date.  They just don’t care.  “I’m wearing pants, aren’t I?”  But I believe that if you do anything…you make the effort, you spend the money…you might as well do it right. Why shouldn’t this hold true for catchy slogans and taglines.

“Put us to work for you” is on my Mount Rushmore of horrible advertising slogans.  Uh, every single business in the history of business could apply that line.  Maybe it wouldn’t work as a tagline for a mortuary but just about everyone else.  Give me a reason to choose you.  Feature taglines that show me your different.  Use a slogan or tagline that demonstrates you care about your own image.  What’s especially egregious (thank you thesaurus) in this case is this line was used by a company selling marketing materials.  At least took a picture of it before tossing the piece into the recycling bin.  That’s way more than 99% of the recipients of this will most likely do.


A slogan really can transform how you’re perceived.  Good or bad.  So make the most of those few precious words and you’ll thank me later.  Catchy slogans work. And if you need a great line and don’t want to use a slogan generator or solo slogan maker, of course you can always “Put Slogan Slingers to work for you.”  Triple Ick.  (The catchphrase, not our company!)