New Slogan In Germany Making A Difference.

New Slogan In Germany Making A Difference.

kein-mensch - German Slogan

This slogan roughly translates to “No one is illegal.”

Really interesting slogan story out of Germany. Certainly worth a read. Basically there are two slogans being used to help promote the benefits of immigration. The first roughly translates to “No one is illegal.” The second is “Refugees Welcome.”

Check it out here.

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Even Pot Officially Has Catchy Slogans & Taglines Now.

Even Pot Officially Has Catchy Slogans & Taglines Now.


Marijuana Slogan

Earlier this week, those hoping to get marijuana legalized in Washington D.C. unveiled two new political slogans. Kindly, refrain from your jokes suggesting that it should contain the words “munchies” or “bro.” This is a serious campaign with serious money behind it on both sides.  It’s also viewed by many as an important social issue with implications that can’t be overstated. The first slogan is “Legalize” which simply and clearly states the prime objective of the entire campaign.  From a marketing perspective, it’s short and sweet. The other slogan being used is “Legalization Ends Discrimination.” This is because a disproportionate number of people arrested tend to be African American. Regardless of what side of the issue you’re on, from a marketing perspective, this slogans should work well in appealing to the target audience.  Let’s take a quick look at how this political slogan stacks up with other business slogans and other company taglines that are out there?

marijuana slogan


In some ways political slogans are like any other catchy slogans. They need to get your attention right away. The slogan or tagline needs to be memorable. Most importantly, it needs to be persuasive. “Legalize” seems to do that.  Again, love or hate the politician but Obama’s “HOPE” played a huge role in defining his brand and galvanizing his base. It to was a one word slogan with a simple and clearly stated benefit.  Four years later, “FORWARD” wasn’t quite as effective or memorable but it served its purpose. Political slogans tend to be more about ideas than selling a product or service. That means they can get away with almost grandiose one word slogans that wouldn’t work with company slogans or business taglines.

There are a few exceptions. Nissan had many years of success with “Shift” although it was typically followed by a rotating list of words. Shift Expectations. Shift Directions. Shift Happiness.  Acura had “Advance” and Budweiser had “True.”  For brands that don’t have the money of say major auto manufacturers, giant breweries, and well, pot, you might want to consider going with something a little more descriptive or informative. We hold slogan contests all the time to develop law firm slogans and taglines, insurance agency slogans and more. The ones the espouse a benefit or a characteristic that sets them apart tend to get a better response.

Now back to marijuana…which is a phrase never uttered before at Slogan Slingers…which we know is shocking for a site comprised almost solely of writers.  Will “Legalize” work as an effective slogan for the pro-marijuana set? We say yes. Research shows a majority of voters in D.C. support legalization. So instead of getting cutesy, they leverage a known advantage. For “Legalization Ends Discrimination” we know that discrimination is a volatile word, especially in D.C. so invoking that makes a lot of sense from a strategic perspective.  Even if you’re anti marijuana legalization do you really want to be pro-discrimination? That’s what this slogan suggests.  Time will tell how these slogans will be remembered and acted upon. The vote is less than two months away. Until then, we’ll keep an eye on how these slogans and the opposition slogans are faring.  Now would someone pass the Doritos? We have the munchies…because we’ve been working until 2:00 a.m. and haven’t eaten since dinner.  Gees. What were you thinking?

marijuana slogan

A New Slogan For Baltimore: Not A “Banner” Moment?

A New Slogan For Baltimore: Not A “Banner” Moment?

Baltimore's New Slogan - Should Catchy Slogans For Other Cities Be Worried?If Baltimore City Councilman James B.Kraft has his way, Baltimore will soon have a new slogan. The slogan, “Baltimore – Birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner,” plays off the city’s connection to the national anthem.  While few would argue that Councilman Kraft’s heart is in the right place, does the slogan really benefit Baltimore from a marketing perspective? After all, a slogan is really there to have an impact on how those think about your brand.

First, the upside. If the slogan is approved, the cost will be significantly less than slogans past. Baltimore taxpayers shelled out a whopping half million for a firm to develop their 2006 slogan “Baltimore – Get In On It.” That left a lot of residents wanting to “Get out of it.”  Baltimore’s most recent slogan “Baltimore: A Great Place To Grow” was better received but it was also a bit generic and antiquated sounding. There are several cities with really catchy slogans. That left Baltimore’s mainly forgotten.  So perhaps a new city slogan will help build some momentum.  Finally, it might temporarily put a stop to Baltimore’s many unofficial sarcastic slogans such as “A Great Place…To Get Murdered” or “You’ll come for the crack. You’ll stay for the heroin.”

Unfortunately, the downside might outweigh the upside. It will be tough to surpass “Charm City.” (Maybe bring that back?) More importantly catchy slogans used by many cities with great success focus on the present and the future instead of the past.  Perhaps Baltimore, which seems to struggle with starts and stops of momentum needs a more “present day” slogan.  Finally, as was mentioned earlier, the best slogans don’t just sound nice. They inspire. They persuade. They play a part in convincing tourists to come, businesses to relocate and locals to take pride in their city. Perhaps “Baltimore – Birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner,” accomplishes the last item but not much more.  Even then, it’s so specific it will appeal to some while others will hear it once and forget it forever.

Baltimore is an amazing city. It’s role in America’s history is significant. But you only get one slogan. That’s just a few words that need to express so much.  Letting it ride on one event, albeit an important one, might be a mistake.  Of course, nothing might happen. Unlike “Get In On It” that was commissioned and developed to be approved by a committee, this slogan is coming by way of legislation.  And we all know anything can happen with that approach. Either way, we wish Baltimore luck.

This summer, several of our staff took a break from managing contests for catchy slogans and had a chance to see the original flag that the Star Spangled Banner was based around. It was on display at the Smithsonian.  Simply being in its presence creates a magical, patriotic moment that words cannot express. And maybe that’s the problem here.


Insurance Company Slogans – We Grade Their Catchy Slogans & Taglines

Getting people to think about insurance can be difficult because most individuals find the subject to be tedious and confusing. One of the best ways to get somebody to think about insurance is to write catchy slogans and taglines. 

Solutions like slogan crowdsourcing contests make it easier than ever to create a compelling strapline. Unfortunately, a lot of insurance professionals don’t know what a successful catchy slogan looks like.

The best way to learn what a great catchphrase looks like is to look at some examples of good and bad slogans. To make it easier to evaluate, we’ve graded a number of insurance that we found online. Here are our results.  Let’s see who has the catchy slogans and who needs to file a claim with their marketing firm.

  • “Peace of mind.” Chubb, Grade D-. This business slogan is way overused. It’s means nothing to the consumer at this point.  What companies like Geico and Progressive have learned is that you have to think outside the box. (Think outside the box is another overused expression so we apologize!)
  • “We make our customers’ problems our problems.” , Grade B- This is a solid insurance company slogan because it personalizes the situation.  Even though the phrasing is a bit unique, it does seem like an expected message and doesn’t say anything unique about the business itself.
  • “The ‘No Problem’ People.”, Auto Owners Insurance, Grade A-. It’s  This insurance company slogan has been in use for decades for a reason. People remember it. And it speaks to the public’s concern that insurance is a hassle with lots of red tape.  It emphasizes a high quality of service and a commitment to customers, yet communicates that message in a simple and clever fashion.
  • “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.” Allstate, Grade A . Are you kidding? This is one of the most famous business slogans or taglines in the history of marketing.  If it came out for the first time today it might not even make a dent.  But it didn’t come out today.  It’s an oldie, but goodie that is ingrained in pop culture.  It still works after all these years. Hope whomever wrote it is getting royalties.
  • “Have you Met Life Today?” Met Life, Grade B.  Ok, maybe it’s a “C” advertising slogan that uses Snoopy to get it up to a “B.” It is clevel how they worked their business name into their slogan.
  • “Amica. We keep our promises to you.” Amica, Grade F. Cliche, boring, meaningless. It couldbe used by just about any company in any industry. They can keep a promise. They just can’t keep our attention.

Attorney and Law Firm Slogans Get Graded

The verdict is in.  A lot of law firms don’t put much thought or effort into their slogans. The legal industry is littered with off the mark taglines that make their organizations look worse than if they had no line at all.  Worse yet, many firms then pay a lot of money in marketing costs to make sure as many people as possible hear their ill-conceived slogans.

There’s an old expression in the legal field that to decide to represent yourself is to have a fool for a client.  The same could almost be said for marketing.  Coming up with your own slogan seldom leads to a positive outcome.  Even those who hire an outside firm for creative expertise often end up with a poor lawyer slogan or attorney tagline as well.  So let’s take a look at a few firms and their marketing slogans and see who is innocent and who should be held in contempt.

These law firm slogans earned some good grades from Slogan Slingers:

  • Holland & Knight – “Industry focused. Relationship driven.” We give this one a B+ because it gets a lot across in just four words.  It lets you know that they’re experts on business but still make it a priority to get to know you and your needs. It’s the professional and personal approach that many clients want to see.  Plus, being a larger firm, emphasizing their personal approach addresses the concern that they are an impersonal Goliath.  The only thing this law firm tagline lacks slightly is memorability.  It’s tough because law firms tend to be conservative for the most part.  That can lead to somewhat generic attorney slogans.  But overall, this is a keeper.
  • Morgan & Morgan: – “For The People.” This one gets an A. For a personal injury firm, this really hits home for their target audience.  They don’t represent big corporations or insurance companies.  They are here for the little guy.  Plus this line has a similar ring to “We The People” evoking that spirit of the underdog Americans defeating the British. What’s more it’s just memorable.  It’s short and sweet yet broad enough in meaning that it can cover a whole host of legal services.
  • Connolly, Bove, Lodge & Hutz: – “IPO smart. Business Savvy. Client Connected.” This one uses a similar approach as Holland &Knight.  It leads with the business side and closes with a message on personal relationships.  We liked Holland & Knight’s law firm slogan but we like this even more because it gets specific about what they do.  Yes, that comes at the expense of brevity but it helps define them as a niche firm.  A-.  Great job!

These Law Firm Slogans should be taking the 5th:

  • Goulston & Storrs: – “Think Results.” This gets a C- because it is a really tired and overused attorney tagline…heck lines like this are overused in just about every industry which is another one of its problems.  Want a great advertising agency, insurance agent or cancer doctor?  Think results?  We’d rather they think of a better catchphrase.
  • Dickson Wright: – “Great lawyers. Great law firm.” This gets a D because it presents a generic benefit in a very generic way.  It’s forgettable.  Essentially both lines kind of say the same thing, too.  I’ve never heard someone say, “Oh all their lawyers are amazing but it’s a terrible law firm.” Likewise I’ve never heard “They have absolutely incompetent, unfriendly lawyers but it’s a great firm.”  Worse, their slogan makes them sound like a bunch of egomaniacs.
  • Jackson Lewis: – “All we do is work.” This gets a C- because it doesn’t tell a potential client a thing about the firm. Everybody works, but how well do they work? Are they overworked without time to give you the personal attention you want? There is something to be said for promoting a strong work ethic but really what clients want is results.  No, that doesn’t mean “Think Results” is back to being an acceptable slogan.  That message still needs to be delivered in a more memorable, effective way. It just means that Jackson Lewis needs to go back to the drawing board.  Too bad they don’t have time because all they do is work.
  • Irwin Mitchell: – “Towards a Positive Future.” Hopefully a more positive future is in store for their marketing.  It’s hard to tell what this even means.  Is it a positive future for the firm?  For its clients?  And it doesn’t sound like they can even deliver that. All they can do is head towards the positive. Gosh, maybe one day they’ll get there.  Aside from that, it lacks passion and any kind of specificity. A generic attorney slogan with a vague meaning can’t earn more than a D from us.

We see a lot of law firm slogan contests open up on Slogan Slingers.  Many firms walk away with some incredibly innovative lines.  Others choose to take a more conservative approach but still find a line that will be relevant and persuasive to their target audience.  Either way, they took action to help their firm stand out.  In the incredibly competitive landscape that is legal marketing, utilizing every last opportunity to set yourself apart is critical.  So don’t settle for a less than perfect line.  Whether you use an advertising agency or use Slogan Slingers, it’s time you get the line you need now.  We are now in recess.