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Apple’s Slogans vs Microsoft’s Slogans

By June 15, 2021 No Comments

Who does slogans better, Microsoft or Apple? Microsoft and Apple are the top competitors in the technology market and have been since the late 1970s. It always depends on the person what company they think is better even though their net worths are almost identical. What makes them stand apart from each other is how they market their products. Both companies have developed their different styles to stand out against one another. One of those marketing techniques has been slogans. Slogans are a great tool used to communicate to the public what makes their product more valuable. Each company has had its different techniques when it comes to this.


Apple has had a couple of different slogans since launching in 1976. Each slogan evolved along with the technology to keep relevant. Since technology improves so fast, their slogan must too. Apple’s first slogan, “The Power to be Your Best” came out in 1986 and stayed their slogan well into the next decade. This slogan helped Apple send the message that if you owned their products, you had the best option that was out there. Now their slogan is “Think Different.” Instead of declaring that they are better than everyone, they are saying they are different. Nowadays, thinking different is a good thing. People are more encouraged to think differently because that is where the best ideas and new inventions come from. “Think Different” might not have sold well back then, but it does now. Just like their technology constantly advancing, their slogan advanced too. 


On the other hand, Microsoft does not currently have a slogan. They had slogans in the past but are now abandoning them and just having a logo stand for their brand. Microsoft’s first slogan was “Making it Easier.” Launched in 1987, when computers were still very new, this slogan helped sell that the Microsoft products were the easiest to use out there. Since the first one, Microsoft’s slogan has changed a couple of times. The last one, “Be What’s Next” lasted until 2012. They will no longer have a slogan cover the whole company, but Microsoft has not fully abandoned slogans. Recently, they released the Xbox Series X with the slogan “Power Your Dreams.” Since slogans are still a powerful tool in marketing, they will still generate new ones for individual products. Microsoft recognizes this even with not having an official slogan for the company.

Who’s Better with Slogans?

Apple and Microsoft have had different techniques when it comes to slogans. One could say Apple is better because Microsoft no longer has one. Apple’s products are more desirable because they market better. Having a slogan helps the company stand out and be more successful than Microsoft. No matter what, there will always be people who say Apple is better and always be people who say Microsoft is better.

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