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A Tribute To Slogan Writer Wylie Jones

By September 23, 2014 No Comments

Wylie Jones – His great slogan ideas were just part of what made him special.

Slogan Writer Wylie Jones always had a brilliant slogan idea up his sleeveIt is with great sadness that we have to pass along that Wylie Jones, one of Slogan Slingers’ premiere slogan and tagline writers passed away a few months ago.  We have been spending so much time upgrading the site and repairing it from the attempted hacking attack that we wanted to wait to post a tribute until we had time to fully recognize Wylie.

Wylie was a man of many talents.  Wylie taught school for 30 years. He served our country (though he only shot at trees in Viet Nam according to the newspaper) and he could turn a phrase as well as anyone we’ve ever met.  With over 1000 registered slogan writers, you have to be a pretty amazing slogan writer to win even once. Wylie won multiple contests, each time with company slogans that were as brilliant as the man himself. What made this even more impressive is that Wylie often did this battling poor health.

We first got to know Wylie within a couple years of our company’s launch.  He sent an email in with a suggestion on how we could make the site better for companies holding contests for business slogans or advertising slogans. We tried what he recommended and sure enough it worked. Perfectly. But as much as Wylie loved making suggestions for ways to help those looking for marketing slogans or tagline ideas, his greatest joy came in being the unofficial voice of all the slogan writers on our site.

About a year ago we tried a feature for contests where if the contest holder failed to pick a winner and was no longer responding to our emails to do so, the winner would go the the writer who was able to drum up the most votes for his or her slogan through social media. Wylie must have contacted several hundred slogan writers registered at our site and galvanized them to request this process be ended. Wylie’s belief was that this rewarded the most savvy social media user and not the best writer. We still call this “Wylie’s Revolt” and we changed the system the next week. Wylie was right.

We’d usually hear from Wylie several times a month.  He would always take the time to let us know he loved the site, loved competing and appreciated how hard we were working to keep the site going and the playing field level. That meant so much to us. Wylie was especially excited when he won an $1000 slogan contest, the max amount a business slogans competition can be on our site. He told us it allowed him to pay for medical expenses and that made all of us feel so great that our little business was making a difference in someone’s life.

Most of all, through his conversations with other writers and with us, he made Slogan Slingers feel like more than a website. It became a community. All of us here – writers and staff – we love language. We love twisting it, bending it, giving it double meaning. We are all passionate about that simple and short art form known as slogan writing.

So it is a little ironic that we have trouble finding the right words to express just how grateful we are to have known Wylie, learned from him and most of all enjoyed his friendship. Rest in peace, our friend. We know you’ve probably already convinced Shakespeare and Faulkner to start writing advertising slogans. Too bad they won’t be as clever as yours.