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A Few Tips for Creating Catchy Slogans

By December 4, 2012 No Comments

Despite what some people seem to think catchy slogans don’t just pop up out of thin air. Instead as a good slogan maker will tell you they involve a lot of imagination, creativity, thought and hard work. Fortunately there are some ways to make the slogan making process easier.

Here are some tips that can make the slogan creation process faster and more painless:

  • Hire a professional slogan maker a human being with actually creativity and imagination to create your tagline rather than rely on a gimmick such as an advertising slogan generator.


  • Try to employ more than one slogan maker if you can. Slogan writing contests and other crowd sourcing solutions can help you take advantage of the services of several different slogan makers at the same time.



  • Keep it short and simple. The most effective taglines are short and simple and easy to remember. Long taglines almost never work, while catchy slogans are those easiest to remember.


  • Keep experimenting. Many successful companies such as Walmart are constantly changing their taglines as the market changes. Be willing to do the same and change your tagline as the market changes.


  • Be positive. Most catchy slogans are positive because negativity repeals. Positivity attracts, so try to be positive and not to denigrate anybody or anything with your tagline.


  • Test the slogan before spending money to put it out there. If you’ve got a new tagline ask a few of your customers about it before putting it in an ad. Simply ask people that you think are representative of your customer base what they think of the tagline. You can send them an e-mail or a simple survey.


  • Be willing to spend money on your catchphrase. You get what you pay for when you turn to free solutions such as advertising slogan generators. Such gimmicks often do little more than string words together. There’s no creativity or thought involved and the results often prove it.


  • Make sure that the catchphrase expresses your organization’s basic values. Many of the best slogans such as Apple’s “Think Different” embody an organization’s values.


  • Make sure the slogan makes your organization look good. Part of the reason why negative slogans fail is that they make those who use them look bad. If a tagline doesn’t enhance your organization’s image or reputation it is not working.


  • The slogan should tell potential customers what you can do for them. If the slogan doesn’t convey any sort of benefit your organization can provide them it is a failure. Remember you want to give people a reason to buy your product or service.


  • The tagline should be specific. A slogan that raises questions will drive customers away because it makes it look as if you don’t know what you are doing. The slogan should tell the customer that your business can meet his needs.


Keeping these tips in mind can help you create effective slogans. Something to remember is there is no way an advertising slogan generator can follow this advice. Only a human writer can do that.