The Man who made Bud for You, Michael J. Roarty

The Man who made Bud for You, Michael J. Roarty

A Great Marketer for Slogans

Michael J. Roarty created some of the first catchy slogans for beer brands.

The life of a famous slogan writer isn’t one of fame although it can lead to fortune. Take the case of Michael J. Roarty Jr. the man who cooked up the legendary beer taglines “This Bud’s for you” and “Weekends are made for Michelob.” Almost every man, woman and child in the United States is familiar with those catchphrases but not with the man behind them.

Familiarity Breeds Success

Roarty was a highly successful slogan writer because he understood the product he was selling and the market. Roarty was the son of Irish immigrants from Detroit he knew beer and he knew the American working class and what they drank.

During his tenure as vice president and director of marketing for Anheuser-Busch from 1977-1990, Roarty proved the power of catchy slogans by nearly doubling the brewing giant’s sales. The taglines worked because they appealed directly to the American working class’s desire for a cheap beer that tasted good.

Roarty also understood the connection between sports and beer well hence the “Weekends are made for Michelob” campaign. He knew that beer was associated with recreation and sports. Roarty’s contributions to sports included buying advertising on an unknown network named ESPN in 1980 and creating the pop culture icon known as the Bud Bowl.

In 1993, Roarty was even named as the sixth most powerful man in sports by The Sporting News. He recognized the potential appeal of sports and sports related slogans before many other marketing gurus did. Roarty was so synonymous with Anheuser-Busch that he was known as “Mr. Budweiser.”

What you can learn from Mr. Budweiser

So what lessons can today’s slogan writers learn from Mr. Budweiser and his legendary taglines. Some very important ones including:

  • Establish and constantly demonstrate a bond with your customers. “This Bud’s for you” indicates that Budweiser is for everybody or more importantly the common people. The slogan shows that Anheuser-Busch cares about beer drinkers and makes a product for them.


  • Know your audience well. Understand what they like and care about, even if you don’t approve of it. If your customers like sports or comic books cater to their tastes. Roarty did that constantly with slogans like “weekends are for Michelob.” If you don’t know what your audience likes do some research and find out what recreational activities they enjoy. If the people in your community love football or soccer consider basing taglines on football or soccer phrases.


  • Be honest with your audience and don’t make promises in taglines. “This Bud’s for you” and other Roarty classic “Gimme a light” (for light beer). Don’t promise anything to the customers nor do they raise expectations. Instead they simply note that those products are good basic beers. Many taglines fall flat because they make promises that entrepreneurs cannot possibly keep.


  • Look for alternative advertising outlets. The advertising landscape is constantly changing, so take advantage of it. Back in 1980 ESPN was something of a joke broadcasting third rate wrestling matches and sports nobody had heard of. Yet Roarty recognized the network’s potential and got in on the ground floor. Whenever you see a new advertising medium take a close look you might be onto something big.


Slogan writing can lead to success, fame and fortune. It also takes perseverance and a good understanding of the market and human nature as Michael J. Roarty’s success proved.

How to Make a Good Basketball Team Slogan

How to Make a Good Basketball Team Slogan

Slogans and taglines for sports teams

Creating a slogan or tagline will help the crowd remember the team name. Think of it as an awesome battle cry.

Creating a tagline for a basketball team or other sports franchise isn’t as easy it seems. Many of the best taglines have been taken and a lot of slogans simply don’t work for sports.

A good way to think of a sports team slogan is as a battle cry. After all you’re trying to rally the team and lead it onto victory just as you would rally troops and lead them into battle. Therefore a really good sports team tagline should convey aggression and the competitive spirit.

Catchy Slogans for Sports Teams and why they work

A great one is “Our blood, our sweat, our tears” this paraphrases a famous speech Winston Churchill made during the Battle of Britain. The tagline shows what the team is willing to sacrifice for victory. It also shows what every athlete knows that every game is a struggle. There is no victory without struggle and sacrifice.

Another good slogan for a basketball team is “one spirit, one team, one wind.” This emphasizes teamwork and cooperation in a sport that often is plagued by show bating and grandstanding.

Emphasizing competition is often a highly successful strategy when building a sports team slogan. Yet something to remember is that the slogan is for the fans as much as the players. After all without the fans there is no sport and no game.

Show the Fans you want to win

Therefore one of the main purposes of sports slogans is to show the fans that you’re serious about winning. This is necessary because you have to show the fans that you care about them. After all the fans are giving up their time and often their money to support the team.

A good way to attract fans is with a tagline such as “Hustle, hit and never quit.” That conveys the aggressive spirit yet shows a little bit of humor. It also demonstrates that the athletes are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Demonstrate Your Love of the Game

An even better strategy is to show the fans the type of ball you intend to play. A great tagline for conveying this is: “Offense sells tickets. Defense wins championships.” That shows fans that you understand the game and more importantly care about the game and winning.

A fun variation on that tagline is “Defend to the end.” That shows that the team is willing to play to the bitter end and go the extra length. Yet it also demonstrates something more than mindless activity. It reminds fans and players alike that there is an ultimate purpose to all the activity. The purpose of course is to win the game.

Displaying ambition and pride is another great way to boost team spirit. This slogan is a highly effective means of doing just that: “Reach for the sky or don’t even try.” That slogan shows the whole purpose of sports to win the game.

Applying Sports Slogans to Real Life

The same slogans that work in sports can work elsewhere. The tagline that can motivate a basketball team can also motivate a sales team or a construction crew. Team work, hard work and the desire to win are universal motivators that can be applied in all fields of endeavor. Catchy slogans great way to convey those ideals to any group or team. 

Slogans and Social Media

Slogans and Social Media


Cracking social media can be tough but not impossible even for entrepreneurs on a budget. A catchy slogan can spread virally on social media without any additional expense.

The trick of course is creating a catchy slogan in the first place. Writing effective slogans can be tough even for experienced wordsmiths. All sloganizers and slogan generatorsdo is to slap words together. Their creations often

A catchy slogan and go viral through social media at no cost.

Slogans and social media can go viral at no cost.

sound silly and end up making a business look very bad.

Spending extra on a Slogan can Help You Succeed in the Long Run

Spending the extra money to develop a catchy slogan when you launch your social media marketing campaign can help you succeed in the long run. A well-crafted catchphrase especially one aimed at younger people will attract attention on social media.

Best of all you can use it over and over again in dozens of different marketing campaigns. You can even use it elsewhere in print or traditional online marketing campaigns. Catchy slogans are versatile some of them are so popular that they even enter the language. The phrase “Better Living through Chemistry” began as a slogan.

Try developing a very unique and unusual yet well written slogan that will be hard to ignore or pass up. The best way to do this is to hire a professional writer to create a catchphrase or to hold a slogan contest.

Slogan Contests can Suggest Ideas for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Slogan contests are not just a cost effective means of developing catchy slogans for social media. They are also a great way to develop new strategies or concepts for social media marketing. The slogans themselves often suggest a marketing strategy or an entire campaign.

Some very creative people participate in slogan writing contests so you are effectively picking their brains. When you hold such a contest you get many different viewpoints and best of all you don’t have to pay for that marketing research it’s an added bonus.

Such competitions are more than just contests they are also marketing research tools. The responses can suggest solutions to dilemmas and strategies. They also provide valuable insight into what the public or particular groups might think of your product or campaign.

Slogan Contests and Market Intelligence

Gathering data about the market can be difficult even with powerful new tools like SEO. Too often all such tools provide are numbers that don’t tell any sort of a story or deliver any true insight.

The responses to a slogan contest can provide insight that can suggest new strategies for social media. They might also point to other solutions you might not have thought of.

Catchy slogans are vital to success in social media because space in messages such as tweets is limited. The more you can say in a few words the better. A good slogan will say a real lot.

What people write about your product in their slogan contest entries can say a lot about your product or business. That can translate into a whole new way of viewing your business and social media itself. It can also show the way to a successful marketing campaign.

Slogans and Targeted Advertising

Slogans and Targeted Advertising

Create a slogan contest to reach a better target for your product.

Almost everybody in business knows that advertising dollars and resources are in short supply these days. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to penny-pinching strategies such as advertising slogan generators, slogan contests and targeted advertising to maximize their resources.

Targeted advertising in particular can present a real challenge for companies because existing slogans may not be suitable or effective for it. Most slogans are designed with one a broad audience in mind. Phrases that might appeal to a wide audience can drive away or simply confuse the small groups that targeted advertising is aimed at.

Why Advertising Slogan Generators Don’t Work for Targeted Advertising

To make matters advertising slogan generators do little good in creating slogans for targeted audiences. Such computer programs use algorithms to put words together. The phrases they generate are usually so general that they cannot be targeted.

At the same time it usually costs too much to hire a copywriter to create a large number of specific slogans for targeted advertising. Slogan writing contests on the other hand are an excellent solution for targeted advertising.

An entrepreneur can create a different contest for each targeted advertising campaign. The prize in each contest can be a fraction of the cost of paying a professional copywriter to create slogans. Therefore an entrepreneur can get several slogans for several different contests for the price of one professionally written catchphrase.

That means businesses have the capability to launch dozens of different targeted advertising campaigns – each with a specific slogan for a specific audience. There can be one slogan aimed at younger customers, another aimed at older customers and others aimed at business customers. You can even slogans aimed at Spanish speaking customers.

Slogans Galore

Targeted advertising is made for today’s media and slogan contests are made for targeted advertising. There simply is no other copywriting tool that can provide a business with the variety of slogans and access to more creative writers.

Hiring writers for each campaign can be expensive and risky. There is no guarantee that the writer will complete the job let alone write an effective slogan. Contests ensure that dozens of different writers are working on each slogan.

Slogan Contests Generate Ideas for Targeted Advertising

Another tremendous advantage to slogan writing contests is that they can generate a large number of really good ideas for targeted advertising. The creative people who enter such contests can often suggest new strategies for advertising.

A slogan can form the basis of such a contest and even direct it. There might be uses for a product or markets out there that entrepreneurs don’t know about, slogans can point the way to such markets. More importantly they can often serve as a targeted advertising campaign in themselves.

The maker of a popular orange juice might not realize that the juice could be used in martinis or in cooking. A slogan writer might and suggest it in her contest entry. This could suggest new targeted advertising campaigns such as recipe contests or recipes that could be sent to customers via social media.

Targeted advertising is a powerful marketing tool. Effective slogan contests can amplify the power and focus of that tool.

Slogans are Cost Effective

Slogans are Cost Effective

A slogan that sticks can save money.

The creation of catchy slogans is one of the most cost effective advertising and promotion strategies that any business can adopt.

A catchy slogan is an advertising tool that a business can use over and over again in many different mediums. Slogans can be used in television, radio, newspaper, posters, flyers, websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, Facebook marketing campaigns, online banner advertising, billboards, signs and almost any other medium of advertising that you can think of.

Many companies have used the same catchy slogans for decades or even generation. Phrases such as The New York Times “All the News that Fit to Print” establish a brand and create an image in the mind of the public. This image can stick with a brand for generations.

There is no Substitute for Catchy Slogans

Simply put there is no other advertising tool that has the versatility and flexibility of slogans. No other marketing strategy can be used in so many different advertising mediums or used over and over again like a catchy slogan can.
Most advertising has a very short shelf life, it has to be replaced or refreshed after just a few weeks or months. Some commercials don’t even survive for a week and most print ads have to be completely redone every few weeks. Yet the same catchy slogan can be used over and over again in hundreds of different advertisements.
There is little else that can establish brand identity so quickly and so effectively as a good slogan. Yet many people fail to create catchy slogans they spend far more time and money on advertising that will be outdated in a few days.

Technology Doesn’t Make Catchy Slogans Obsolete

Catchy slogans are one area of advertising that technological progress has little or no effect upon. When new advertising mediums such as the internet, Facebook and Social Media appear, the same catchy slogan can be used in them. The slogan that works in a newspaper ad can also work in a viral marketing campaign or on online banner ads.
Catchy slogans can also be added to a wide variety of promotional items ranging from pens to t-shirts. A catchy slogan can be everywhere it can be online, in e-mail, in social media, on billboards and on cup holders and bumper stickers all over town. It can be right in front of your customers’ faces and part of their everyday lives.