Turning Your Slogan Into a “Moment” with a Slogan Contest

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment in just a few words? What kind of moment would it be? Take a minute and think about your favorite moment. Now, think about what product or service comes to mind through their slogan when you remember it. A slogan can create a moment in and of itself, creating an eternal place in the hearts and minds of your consumers for your product or business.

Facebook and Kodak took the idea of a moment literally when designing their slogans. A Facebook moment or a Kodak moment are just what they seem to be—a posting or picture on social media site or a picture from one of Kodak’s many camera and film products. No one can say that slogan are ineffective, of course, but there is something to be said for an equally effective slogan without being so obvious.

Take Milk, for example. Their slogan, “Got Milk?” doesn’t explicitly evoke a memory of a moment, at least until paired with the famous milk mustache. Now, when you hear the slogan, you think back to the carefree moments of childhood when drinking milk gave you that white, frothy mustache featured so prominently on billboards and commercials all over the world. This slogan and ad campaign was so successful that it spurred a variety of spin offs for everything from religion to video games.

Another good example is Kay Jewelers. Their slogan doesn’t really need an ad campaign to communicate its moment, when “Every Kiss Begins with Kay.” Not only does the slogan create fond memories of love, but also creates a command as to how to recreate that memory—just give a gift of Kay jewelry.

Crafting a slogan that creates a moment without being obvious can be harder than it seems. Sometimes, you are too involved with your own product or business to see clearly what moments are possible. That’s where Slogan Slingers’ slogan contests can help! All you need to do is set up a slogan contest and allow our creative slogan writers to compete for the best moment for your product or business. Who knows what other creativity that moment will spark for the future? Click here now to set up your slogan contest and start celebrating your moment today!

Catchy Slogans Apply to Everyday Life

It makes sense that a product or company with an effective marketing slogan will have an advantage over those that do not. An effective advertising slogan is one that customers think about in their everyday lives. Catchy slogans are short, honest, and easy to remember. Some catchy slogans are effective due to context, such as the music it is set to or the video advertisement preceding it. However, some of the most memorable slogans in recent history are those that people can use in everyday situations.

Lets look at a few examples. Everyone knows Nike’s marketing slogan. In part, it is because Nike has spent a lot of money in advertising and in sponsoring professional athletes that wear its trademark swoosh logo. However, part of that success is the applicability of “Just Do It” to everyday life. When one gets discouraged about a task that needs to be done, you think, “Just Do It,” bring Nike into mind. In sports, during a tough workout, the coach yells, “Just Do It,” again, making you think about Nike. A mother scolds a child about not doing their homework or chores, saying, “Just Do It.” The contexts for the ad slogan are endless.

Another catchy slogan with great success in the everyday context is “Got Milk?” It started off as a milk mustache phenomenon from the video and print ads popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. Now, spin-offs of the marketing slogan are found on billboards and T-shirts for a variety of products and ideas, including religious advertisements (Got Jesus?), general gaming T-shirts (Got Games?), and more. Every time a new spin-off appears, customers think back fondly to the original, “Got Milk?” slogan, and long for a milk mustache.

Unfortunately, coming up with an effective and catchy slogan can be harder than it appears. This is made obvious by the plethora of marketing slogans along the lines of “in business since x year.” If you want to come up with a catchy slogan that is applicable to your clients’ everyday lives, you should consider asking Slogan Slingers for help. Our slogan writers can create an effective, memorable slogan for your business or product at a fraction of the price of a big advertising agency. Click here now to see what Slogan Slingers can do for you!

Super Slogans for the Super Bowl

With the immense audience it commands, the Super Bowl is the best time of year to put your marketing slogan on the airways. In fact, many people watch the Super Bowl, not for the game, but rather for the advertisements. This year, some of those ads highlighted the marketing slogan, and some of them included the slogan seemingly as an afterthought.

One of the best ads highlighting a marketing slogan came from Kia. The Forte advertisement is all about the power of technology, and while the ad doesn’t focus on the car itself, it builds up to a dramatic showing of its marketing slogan, Respect the Tech. The marketing slogan itself is about the power of technology, even in a lower priced vehicle. This was the best advertisement showcasing advertising slogans.

The next ad and slogan had a completely different tone than Kia’s. The Dodge Ram showcased its marketing slogan, Guts, Glory, Ram, by saluting farmers. The advertising spot didn’t show much of the Dodge Ram, but rather praised the legacy, guts, and glory of farmers. By the end, when the marketing slogan finally showed, the consumer was left with a sense of pride in the American farmers, and it translated nicely into pride for this American truck.

Volkswagon, on the other hand, went for a literal approach to its advertising slogan, Get In, Get Happy. The message behind the slogan is clear—that driving a Volkswagon can change your outlook on life, but there were some odd choices in how to present it, including using a Jamaican accent in the dialog. This rather cheesy choice downplayed the message of the slogan, diminishing its effectiveness.

Century 21’s advertisement left its marketing slogan feeling like an afterthought. The marketing slogan—Smarter, Bolder, Faster—attempts to convey why Century 21 agents are better than their competition, but neither of their ad spots during the Super Bowl really showcased the marketing slogan. The ad played on the idea of needing a Century 21 agent in an emergency, but the emergencies were overly dramatic, diminishing the effect of a potentially powerful advertising slogan.

That said, the ads with marketing slogans included were more memorable, for the most part, than those without. The ads showed examples of marketing slogans for companies as well as individual products and lines. Do wish you could have a marketing slogan for your company or product? If so, click here to start down the path to your perfect advertising slogan with Slogan Slingers.

A Slogan Contest Can Help You Choose a Slogan for Your Life

Advertising slogans are not limited to use by companies anymore. Rather, you can use an ad slogan for anything you are marketing, including yourself! Think about it! Your resume is an advertisement, an interview is a commercial, and a marketing slogan can make you and your life that much more memorable to a potential employer. It can be hard to come up with the perfect marketing slogan, though, especially when looking at yourself. Luckily, you don’t have to do all of the hard work. You can set a slogan contest on Slogan Slingers!

Sounds great, right? Well, here’s how to get started. First, click here to access our client sign up page. Set up an account with a username of choice and an email address that you check often. Writers will not have access to your email address or username. Next, choose a password that will be easy to remember. This is how you will access your slogan contest and pick a winner! Once you are logged in, you can start a new slogan contest, or view the results of your past slogan contests. When starting a new slogan contest, you will need to fill out a contest brief, including what you need the slogan for, a brief description of yourself, the target audience, and what you want to get out of your slogan. This is what writers will see to help them come up with the perfect slogan for your life.

Next, select the tone for your slogan. There are checkboxes for the most common tones, but you can select other to write down any tones not listed. To pick a tone, think about what your slogan will be used for. Are you primarily interested in using your slogan to help you find a job or advance up the ladder? Are you creating a slogan to help keep you motivated in a long-term goal? Is there another reason? The next box is where you can tell the writers how you intend to use the slogan. You’re almost done! Pick some slogans that you like and some that you hate to give the writers an idea of your personal preferences, then select your reward amount, between $50 and $999, including a $35 fee to help cover administrative costs. Then, wait for the slogan contest to end and pick your winner!

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