A Slogan Can Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Memorable

This is the time of year when half of Americans feel obligated to set goals for themselves, some more realistic than other others. We all start out with the best of intentions to keep those resolutions and make a difference in the New Year. As time goes on, however, people lose sight of their good intentions and goals in the press of everyday life. In fact, after one month, only 64% of people who made a resolution have kept up with it. By the end of July, fewer than half of the resolutions made have been successful. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Are you keeping them so far? I resolved to exercise more, and managed to keep up with it for two weeks, but I, too, am already beginning to fall off the wagon.

So what can we do to help us keep to those resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, or stop smoking? There is the usual advice, which falls along the lines of to-do lists, peer pressure, and fine for failure to keep up (donated to charity, or other good cause, of course). For some, that may work well, but the statistics haven’t changed much as the advice changes. So, why not try a new approach?

Companies use advertising to meet their resolutions of increasing profit and expanding business. I don’t need to quote statistics to show you how effective these are at catching your attention; just try to think of businesses off the top of your head. My bet is that most of those companies have advertising slogans.

So, how does business advertising relate to keeping your personal New Year’s resolutions? It’s simple, really. We remember things that are catchy, short, and memorable. So, to keep your friends, family, and even yourself interested in your goals, why not make a slogan for the goal, the year, or even your life? Think about it, when you say, “I want to lose weight” you are setting a goal, although phrased as a desire. It is stronger and more memorable to say, “I want to be known as ‘that skinny person’ around the neighborhood.” “That skinny person” becomes your slogan for the year.

Now, think about how you will answer people who invariably will ask what your New Year’s resolution is. Will you tell them you want to lose weight or will you tell them your new slogan for the year? Which one will they remember? Your friend or co-worker may laugh with you as you announce your slogan, but it will stick with them, giving them better incentives to keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

Slogan Slingers is the perfect way to help you come up with the perfect motto for your resolution, year, or life to help keep you going. Click here to get started!

Ad Taglines for Legal (and Other Professional) Services

There is a growing trend for businesses using marketing taglines alongside their brand names. Nike (Just Do It), Apple (Think Different), and Loreal Paris (Because You’re Worth It) are just a few examples. Thus far, the vast majority of the businesses using a marketing tagline are those selling goods. However, advertising slogans can also be used for individual products, and even professional services.

Some of the most successful law firms in the Southeast employ an advertising tagline to remain memorable to their target audience. For example, the legal giant Morgan & Morgan is known throughout Florida and Georgia as being “for the people.” The slogan suggests that the firm is the average person’s ally for any legal needs they may have, and it resonates well with a population that feels increasingly helpless in the face of big money. Marketing taglines such as this one should not be limited to just the legal industry, however. Any professional service can benefit from the name recognition and memorability of an advertising tagline, including accountants, doctors, and stockbrokers.

“That’s great!” you think, “but how does one come up with the perfect ad tagline?” Of course, you are the expert in your own business, so you can try to come up with your own. However, the wrong marketing tagline can hurt your business, rather than help it. Many businesses turn to computerized slogan makers to give them a choice of several slogans based upon a brief description of the product of service. Unfortunately, these slogan makers lack the creativity and insight of a human being, which shows in the selection of taglines offered. Businesses with a large budget might turn to an advertising agency to come up with the perfect marketing tagline.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the human touch for your business’s slogan, however. Slogan Slingers is an alternative to a traditional slogan maker that can help you create the perfect advertising tagline for your professional service. Simply describe your professional service or product, select a prize amount, and let creative thinkers among your potential consumers come up with a catchy and memorable advertising tagline.