A Catchy Slogan Can Define Your Business

The ultimate purpose of a tagline is to define your business for customers and potential customers. Taglines tell the public who you are and what you do. More importantly they tell potential customers what your values and priorities are.

Every slogan maker and every entrepreneur that uses an advertising slogan generator needs to keep this in mind. The slogan is going to define your organization and its services for large numbers of people. That means you need to put as much time as possible into because it will affect how people think about your business.

A classic slogan that defines how people think about a business is that for the American Express Card: “Don’t leave home without it.” This tagline tells customers that American Express is reliable and has your back. You can rely on the Amex card even if you’re away from home. The Amex slogan works because it sends a positive message to potential customers.

Since taglines can define how people think about your business it is obvious that a confusing or silly slogan can easily give people an impression that you don’t want. A silly tagline will make your business look silly. A negative slogan will give potential customers a negative view of your organization.

That means you have to give a lot of thought particularly to catchy slogans. A memorable catchphrase that sends the wrong message can have the opposite effect from what you intend. It’ll be the first thing that people think about your business and it will define your business for the customers.

United Airlines is one company that seems to understand this with one of the most catchy slogans in history: “Fly the friendly skies.” This catchphrase says that United Airlines is your friend and its employees are your friends. That’s obvious a message that you want to send to potential customers.

The United slogan succeeds because it gives customers a great impression of the business and its service. It helps define United Airlines in the customer’s mind. The customer thinks of United as a “friendly” company.

Whenever you use an advertising slogan generator you must remember that you will only have one chance to give the customer a first impression. In many cases your slogan is the first impression the customer will have and the first thing he or she will think about when your organization is mentioned. You probably associate the term “Friendly Skies” with United Airlines and the term “Don’t Leave Home without it” with American Express, don’t you?

Those catchy slogans defined those companies in the public mind and probably in your mind. That means a slogan maker can help define your business to the public. It also means you need to be careful when you chose a slogan maker. You’ll be defining your business by creating a first impression.

A negative first impression can be irreversible while a positive first impression can give customers a good impression of your organization. This impression is often determined and defined by your slogan.

The Limitations of an Advertising Slogan Generator

An advertising slogan generator is a powerful but a very limited tool. Such a generator is a computer algorithm that combines words to create taglines. It has no creativity, insight or judgement.

When you type the word trash into one advertising slogan generator it would create a tagline like this: “You can on a trash, can do!” This isn’t a catchy slogan instead it is nothing but gibberish, which will not help you promote your business or product.

You really don’t save money when you use an advertising slogan generator. Instead you end up wasting your time by going through hundreds of taglines in an attempt to find one that might fit your needs.

Obviously you should search for another kind of slogan maker such as a independent writer or a slogan contest. Writers and contests will cost a little more but when you such methods you will get an actual person with judgment and creativity working on your slogan not a computer algorithm. Instead of stuffing words together, that person will actually write a slogan. You should take that slightly more expensive step because your tagline will represent your business or product to potential customers, and to the community at large.

You can avoid making your company or product look silly, confusing and incompetent by taking the time and effort to hire a professional slogan maker. Contrary to popular belief such creators are much cheaper than you might think.

Modern outsourcing methods such as slogan contests can help you tap the services of hundreds or dozens of skilled writers at a fairly low cost. That means you can have a professionally written slogan for a cost that is similar to the use of an advertising slogan generator.

There is no need to rely on hit or miss methods such as advertising slogan generators. Instead you can create a catchy slogan that will actually mean something and attract customers to your business. More importantly you can get professional help to create your taglines.

Something else to remember is that the more you use such methods as slogan contests the better you will get at understanding slogans. You’ll learn how to recognize catchy slogans and more importantly learn what works. That way you’ll be able to pick out the taglines and slogans that actually work for your business.