Your Top Business Slogan Questions Answered

Your Top Business Slogan Questions Answered

Business owners and marketing directors have become a lot more savvy when it comes to branding and marketing.  Most have a good

sense of what really is or is not a good business slogan.  (It’s why so many of our users are able to pick just the right slogan for their own slogan contest on Slogan Slingers.)  Yet, we still get requests from users to post the basics about what makes for a good business slogan.  Here are some tips to get you started.

QUESTION 1: Does everyone need a company slogan?

ANSWER:  Of course we’re biased but we sure think so.  A catchy business slogan can single handedly define who you are,what you s

tand for and what your value proposition is.  This is true for both your internal and external audience.


QUESTION: Should my company slogan be as descriptive as possible?

ANSWER: No.  Keep it simple.  You’ve heard the saying, “A little bit goes a long way.”   That’s definitely true with business slogans and company taglines.  Your catchphrase should be all about emotion while connoting a point of differentiation.  Most of all though, it  needs to be memorable and relevant.  The longer your slogan gets, the less “sticky” it becomes.  Usually under 10 words works best though there are some exceptions.  Keep it two prases or less as well, though depending on the length of each phrase you might be able to get in a third.  (Example: Dane’s Hot Sauce – It’s hot. It’s really hot. It’s just not too hot.)


QUESTION: Can I do something a little “different?”

ANSWER: We wish you would!  Far too many slogans sound like they could work for anything.  Muffler repair, insurance, dog grooming.   “Great service since (year goes here)” is not a slogan.  It readable sleep medicine.  Talking in generic terms about quality, service, experience, caring or similar words is just wasting space and not going to add value to your marketing.  Give people something to talk about…you don’t have to be controversial, just clever.


QUESTION: How do I know if my company slogan is working?

ANSWER: Get feedback.  But do it the right way.  Don’t ask customers, “Did my slogan convince you to come in?”  Nobody will admit that marketing convinced them to do anything.  (Even though it does ALL THE TIME!) Instead, ask if they remember your slogan, if they like it and what it connotes to them.  If you get good feedback, keep it.  If not, ditch it.


Hope that helps and if you need any guidance related to your specific business, we’re always happy to work with you.  Contact us here.  Thanks and good luck with your contest.


Three Reasons Why Getting A Slogan Should Be Part Of Your Corporate New Year’s Resolution.

Three Reasons Why Getting A Slogan Should Be Part Of Your Corporate New Year’s Resolution.

It happens a lot more than you might think.  In boardrooms across America, Canada, Australia, England and elsewhere, companies are making resolutions about what they as organization can do better in 2012.  No they can’t collectively agree to quit smoking or exercise more.  What’s on many companies’ minds is marketing.  How can they stand out more and be better remembered?  In a game where every small advantage can be the difference between success and failure, what steps can be taken to win more customers, clients or patients?


Developing  a new branding campaign takes months and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Same goes for redoing the company website and putting together an impressive mailer.  So if you’re looking for something that creates an instant sense of momentum and gets immediate results, getting a slogan on Slogan Slingers is the ideal solution.  Here are three reasons a new slogan should be part of your corporate New Year’s Resolution.


1)      Business slogans can convey the entire tone of your organization in just a few words.  Along with your logo, no other marketing element can express so much about you in such a short time.  Are you a company that’s bold and innovative or traditional?  Your slogan will tell them right away.  We all like to think that customers or clients are as obsessed with our company as we are and will read every last page of the company website but the truth is people have busy schedules and are want to make decisions as quickly as possible.  If a great slogan speaks to them, those few words can make all the difference in the world.

2)      Getting a catchy slogan is in your budget…no matter what it is. With Slogan Slingers, you’re not paying for a single freelance slogan writer who will give you a few options.  You’re also not paying for expensive ad agencies that can charge up to $250 an hour.   With Slogan Slingers you simply put up a cash prize you determine in advance and you’re on your way.

3)       The best slogans are an internal rallying cry. Most people only think of slogans in terms of what they say to an external audience.   We hear all the time that what companies love most about their new slogan from Slogan Slingers is the impact it has on the internal staff.  A great slogan can inspire, motivate and give you a sense of focus.  It’s like a mission statement with character.  Employees and other key personnel often roll their eyes at bland mission statements.  Slogans on the other hand they want to wear on T-shirts.  Mission statements are dry and often cliché.  Great slogans are cherished for years.


From all of us at Slogan Slingers, here’s hoping you have a wonderful 2012 and thanks for making us the world’s #1 site for company slogans, taglines, advertising headlines and more!  Why not open a contest now?