The Three Million Dollar Advertising Slogan – Some of the Memorable Ad Slogans From The Big Game

The Three Million Dollar Advertising Slogan – Some of the Memorable Ad Slogans From The Big Game

The Super Bowl brought football season to an end on Sunday. (Yes, we’re depressed.) The game was extremely entertaining. And as expected, many of the commercials were as well. While the spots featured everything from beer serving dogs to severed thumbs on robots, no matter what the storyline, nearly all the advertisers ended their commercials the traditional way, with the logo and the company slogan at the end. That’s what they wanted you to remember most of all.

For many of the advertisers, those catchy ad slogans and marketing taglines are the most critical part of their three million dollar investment. The commercial’s story is designed to suck you in and the advertising slogan serves to redirect that excitement back to the product or service at the conclusion. It’s the oldest trick in the book…because it still works.

The advertising slogans included car company slogans, beer company slogans, candy bar taglines and more. We compiled a list of just some of the ad slogans and taglines from the big game. On a quick side note, the most popular commercials weren’t created by ad agencies, they were created through open to the public contests just like the crowdsourcing slogan contests we have at Slogan Slingers. More proof that multiple freelancers will beat the expensive ad agencies every time.  (Take note when you’re ready to get a slogan) So without further adieu, here are some of the catchy ad slogans and marketing taglines from Sunday’s game. We listed our three favorite company slogans first.

The Best Slogans:

Sealy – Whatever You Do In Bed, Sealy Supports It.

Chrysler – Imported From Detroit

Chevy – Chevy Runs Deep

Other Noteworthy Advertising Slogans:

Snickers (Tagline: You’re not you when you’re hungry) (Slogan: Snickers Satisfies)

Volkswagen – Das Auto

Bridgestone – It’s Bridgestone or Nothing

Audi – Truth In Engineering

Coca Cola – Open Happiness

Bud Light – Here We Go

Car Max – The Way Car Buying Should Be

E-Trade – Investing Unleashed

Kia – One Epic Ride

Career – Start Building – Confidence Comes Standard.

Mercedes Benz – The Best or Nothing

Planters – Naturally Remarkable

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Super Bowl.  The excitement, the food, the friends and of course, the slogans.  If you had a favorite advertising slogan from the big game.  Email us what you thought were the best slogans.  We’d love to hear from you.

The Best Sports Slogans Ever – Ad Slogans & Marketing Taglines That Score Big

The Best Sports Slogans Ever – Ad Slogans & Marketing Taglines That Score Big

It’s Super Sunday. It’s not just the day that features the two best football teams in the land. It’s also the day we get the best new commercials of the year. Along with the obligatory talking animal spots, A-List celebrity endorsements and always hilarious beer commercials, we’ll get a wave of new company slogans and advertising taglines. You can be sure we’ll give you our take on all the new ad slogans and marketing taglines in our next blog. However, for now, let’s talk about the sports, themselves.

Sports slogans are a huge part of marketing big-time athletics. These billion dollar industries realize that the right ad slogan is essential in effectively promoting their game and their brand. Not only do all the pro leagues have catchy slogans but nearly every team has a catchy slogan as well. In fact, you can expect your favorite team to get a tagline every year that promotes the upcoming season. That’s just the regular season. Each league will usually debut a new slogan just to promote the post season.

There’s a lesson to be learned if you’re considering a new company slogan, advertising tagline, catchphrase and more. But before you take the field and get a slogan contest going with Slogan Slingers, check out what’s taking the field. The Slogan Slingers Team has assembled a list of what we believe are the 15 all-time best slogans in sports. Which catchy slogans used in sports are the best of the best? You’re about to find out. Game on!

15. The Greatest Show On Turf (St. Louis Rams)

14. Major League Baseball – I Live For This

13. It’s Showtime (L.A. Lakers)

12. Who Dat Gonna Beat Dem Saints? (New Orleans Saints)

11. The PGA Tour – These Guys Are Good

10. How ‘Bout Them Cowboys? (Dallas Cowboys)

9. The NBA – Where Amazing Happens

8. Play Like A Champion Today (Notre Dame)

7. America’s Team (Dallas Cowboys)

6. Are You Ready For Some Football? (Monday Night Football)

5. Win One For The Gipper. (Notre Dame)

4. Just Win Baby! (Al Davis – Oakland Raiders)

3. NBA Action – It’s Fantastic

2. The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat (ABC Sports)

1. The NBA – I Love This Game

So Kudos to the NBA. Scoring two of our top three slogans is Faaaaantastic! Clearly they’ve realized that having memorable, effective marketing slogans can make all the difference in creating rabid fans of their brand. Are their any great sports slogans we missed? If so email us. The clock is ticking, your competition is fired up and looking to take you down. You need every advantage you can get. So go out there and get the company slogans or advertising taglines that encapsulate your brand. Just win baby!

Slogans vs. Taglines – What’s The Difference?

Slogans vs. Taglines – What’s The Difference?

It’s a questions we get a lot here at Slogan Slingers.  Is there a difference between slogans and taglines?  The answer is…drum roll please…it depends on whom you ask.  There’s a good likelihood that a marketing professor would tell you that advertising slogans and a company taglines couldn’t be more different.  He or she would tell you that your company tagline is like your logo.  It’s with you day in and day out.  It rarely changes over the years.  Your advertising slogan, however, is tied to a particular campaign or marketing initiative.  You could even have multiple advertising slogans going at once to achieve different objectives.

Of course, professors aren’t always in touch with the real world.

We recently sat down with 10 CEOs who ran successful small businesses and we found out something quite interesting.  While every CEO new what a slogan was, several of the CEOs weren’t even familiar with the term “tagline.”   Only two of the ten believed there was a difference between a company tagline and an advertising slogan.  And only one of the ten actually articulated the differences in the way a marketing professor probably would.  So if perception is reality then, really there isn’t a difference.

(Yes, marketing purists, send us your hate mail telling us we’ve just said something ignorant, blasphemous or both!)

The point is, it doesn’t really matter what you call it.  If you’re looking for the best taglines or catchy slogans, Slogan Slingers is still a great option to get a line that will engage your target audience.   From advertising slogans to award-winning taglines, get a slogan from Slogan Slingers and figure out what to call it later!  Open a contest with the ultimate slogan generator.