Help Make Slogan Slingers Even Better

Help Make Slogan Slingers Even Better

Slogan Slingers has forever changed the face of advertising slogans and advertising taglines.   Even though we’re less than a year old, we’ve already seen contests involving six countries, some ingenious movie slogans,  and some of the best company slogans and taglines, all delivered at a fraction of the price of a traditional advertising agency.  It’s a great start…especially since we’re just getting going.  Many of you, whether you’re a professional slogan writer or a business needing a slogan, you’ve given us some great suggestions for improvement which we’ll be incorporating in a first major upgrade to the site.  However, if you have some ideas for Slogan Slingers, we’d love to here them.  Please email your suggestions to  Or leave your slogan advice here.

Advertising slogans and advertising taglines, company slogans and company taglines are now easier than ever to attain thanks to all of you.   We have the best slogan writers in the business, the sharpest slogan contest holders around and we can’t thank each and every one of you enough for your support.

Slogan Busts: Ad Slogans & Taglines To Avoid

When it comes to ad slogans we see instant classics all the time here at Slogan Slingers.  After all, when you start a catchy slogan contest and receive entries from the best professional slogan writers literally across the globe, you’re bound to get lots of brilliant lines.  Of course, we realize not everyone is going to use Slogan Slingers for advertising slogans and taglines.  So if you’re stuck with an expensive ad agency or solo professional slogan writer, here is our definitive list of the most cliche lines in the company slogan universe.

Hot Deals on Cool (Whatever you’re selling).  COMMENT: This is as lazy as lines get.  Yet we see it hundreds of times a year on signs, billboards and in ads.)

Serving our community since (Year Goes Here).  COMMENT: Your longevity is commendable.  It’s too bad nobody cares about anything but the present.

Got (Whatever we’re selling)?  (A la “Got Milk?”) COMMENT: Another lazy line that research shows is helping promote the milk industry not the company “borrowing” the line.

Great Service!  Great Price!  COMMENT: Generic Slogan!  Generic Slogan!

When you want the job done right.  COMMENT: As opposed to when you want the job done wrong?

The Quality You Deserve!  COMMENT:  This ad slogan could be for any company in the world.

Yes, there are a lot of overused lines out there but fortunately, the best company slogan for your business hasn’t even been written yet.  If you’re ready for the best taglines, award winning advertising slogans, company slogans and more, open a contest with Slogan Slingers.  We’d love to help!

The Logo & Company Slogan – The Peanut Butter & Jelly Of Marketing?

The Logo & Company Slogan – The Peanut Butter & Jelly Of Marketing?

If you’re the restaurant marketing director at McDonald’s don’t read this.  Everyone else should pay close attention though.  After all, the rest of us don’t manage brands that consumers are familiar with almost from birth.  In fact, most companies have to work pretty hard, with a finite amount of cash to get their brand noticed and acted upon.  Fortunately, you can start to effectively tell your story with the two most time-tested, core items in all of branding, your logo and your company slogan.

Just like the equally time-tested PB&J, the logo and company slogan work best when they work together.  Sure there are some great avante-garde logos and wacky marketing slogans that have been used successfully, but for small business, effective logos and marketing slogans should bconvey your personality and also fill the critical function of just telling others what you do.

The best slogans and logos work like PB&J

When Nyquil was faced with confused consumers, they went with the advertising slogan “The nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can rest medicine.”  Yes, that’s a long ad slogan and we recommend you stick with less than 14 words, but make sure you leave your target audience saying, “Ah!” instead of “Huh?”

The best movie slogans are great examples of catchy advertising headlines that convey a tone but also fill in the blanks.  The recent entries to a Slogan Slingers movie slogan con

test for independent horror movies is worth checking out.

So if your logo is more conceptua

l, a more direct company slogan or tagline might be in order.  If your logo is more direct, you can go with a business slogan or tagline that is l

ess definitive.   Your company name also plays a role.  (I suppose that would be the milk in this peanut better and jelly metaphor.) If you’re Chicago Disco

unt Pipes and your name says it all, you have a little more freedom with both your logo and your business catchphrase.  If you sold discount pipes in Chicago and your name was Treadtopia, your logo and company slogan have work to do.

No matter what, the best move is to open a company slogan contest and choose from some of the best slogan ideas you’ll find at a fraction of what ad agencies charge.   And while you’re looking over the entries from the slogan generators at Slogan Slingers – A.K.A. our pool of professional advertising writers remember to pick the one that sticks with you.  Like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth.

Holiday Movie Slogans

Holiday Movie Slogans

As you may or may not know, most of us here at Slogan Slingers are big movie buffs.  Of course when we see a new poster for an upcoming film, our eyes head immediately to the (hopefully) catchy slogan on the poster.  That got us thinking about these often ingenious advertising slogans.  As holiday movie season is fast approaching wouldn’t it be nice to reflect on the best slogans from Christmas movies past?  So here’s a quick snapshot of some of the best marketing slogans that helped create a jingly, jangly buzz among moviegoers.

Home Alone – SLOGAN: A Family Comedy Without The Family.

Bad Santa – SLOGAN: He’s very naughty . . . and not very nice.

It’s a Wonderful Life – SLOGAN: It’s a wonderful laugh! It’s a wonderful love!

A Christmas Story – SLOGAN(S) – It actually had two.

A) A Tribute to the Original, Traditional, One-Hundred-Percent, Red-Blooded, Two-Fisted, All-American Christmas.

B) Peace. Harmony. Comfort and Joy… Maybe Next Year.

The Polar Express – Journey Beyond Your Imagination

–Whether you need an accounting firm slogan, a golf tournament slogan or a product slogan, you can learn something from the advertising slogans above.  Keep it simple.  Keep it clever.  Keep it memorable.  If you keep that in mind when choosing your next slogan contest winner, you’ll have a happy holidays indeed.

Branding Slogans Don’t Get Much Bigger Than This.  Literally.

Branding Slogans Don’t Get Much Bigger Than This. Literally.

The national rail and shipping company CSX has a new marketing slogan / tagline.  It’s, “How tomorrow moves.”   They believe in this advertising slogan so much they undertook the expense of having it placed prominently on their skyscraper in Jacksonville, FL.  It replaces what was previously  just their logo.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing one of the best slogans in marketing getting featured this way.

We’re often asked if it’s appropriate to put a catchy slogan on a building, office condo, etc.  We feel it is…if your marketing slogan is good enough.  If one of those automated, free slogan generators online gave you the advertising slogan, “Big service, small prices” we wouldn’t paste that in the company bathroom.  But if you use the slogan generators from Slogan Slingers…incredibly talented freelance slogan writers, you’ll get a slogan you’ll want to put on buildings, T-shirts or even tattoo on your forehead.  If you’re ready to open a slogan contest, we’d love to help!