Advertising Slogans


Great Advertising Slogans Don't Just Help. They Transform.

Think about the impact that some of the most popular advertising slogans and taglines have made. Ask Geico, Apple, Nike and Dos Equis. Their famous lines have propelled growth for years.  The cold reality is that while you may know you're different and better than the guy down the street, to the potential customer, it's hard to tell the difference.  Some studies have shown that you have maybe 8 seconds at most to capture someone's attention in advertising and get them on a road to deciding if they want to move forward with you or your competition.  In that 8 seconds the target audience is most likely going to look at a single image, often your logo and read a single line, often your slogan.

The irony is that most companies will spend hours and hours fine tuning a sub-page of a website yet they don't have a slogan at all to display on the home page of a website.  There's nothing to catch someone’s attention in an ad.  A creative advertising slogan spins a potential customer in the right way almost immediately and we all know how important first impressions are.

Getting "Classic" Advertising Slogans

At Slogan Slingers, we like to think that the credit for a great advertising slogan should actually go to the contest holder, not the writer.  Sure, writers use their talents to come up with great slogans and taglines but choosing a great advertising slogan can take a bit of courage.  So options from contests will immediately grab you. In those cases the decision process is easy.  Other times you'll get multiple great options and there's that one that seems to stand out.  But it might seem a little dangerous. It's not like anything you've seen.  It might not be anything the customer is expecting.  But it perfectly captures the emotion you want to convey.  In these moments it's easy to go with a safer choice especially when there are plenthy of worthy alternative options.  But being bold and going with something different can pay big dividends.

Where To Use Your Lines

Where shouldn't you use them is probably a better question.  Here's just a sample list of where we've seen Slogan Slingers clients user their advertising slogans.

-Signage that staff sees entering the office

-Company T-Shirts

-Headline on a billboard

-The back of the company Holiday Card

-T-shirts, hats, mugs, and company laptop cases.

-New Employee Packets

-Website Headline

And that's just the short list.

It used to be that the advertising slogan was just limited to print ads.  Sadly, print ads are a lot less prevalent than they were because printed magazines and newspapers reach just a fraction of the audience they once did.  That being said, words that grab an audience’s attention and move them closer to action are still needed.  They're just now seen in online ads, websites and videos.  Just like the where they're seen as changed because of technology, so has the means by which to obtain great advertising slogans and taglines.  Now you can use the power of the Internet to get tons of great options delivered quickly at a price that's never before been possible.  Old school advertising agencies can in no way compete with a crowd source advertising slogan competition.  So why wait?  Get your brilliant new line now from Slogan Slingers!