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Hi, I'm Rich Davis, the founder of Slogan Slingers and a professional writer in the United States. Contrary to what a lot of people think, writers are actually pretty competitive people.

Like most writers, I love the thrill of seeing an ad campaign I create beat out the one written by our rival ad agency. Even within the advertising agency, the other writers and I love competing to see which idea will emerge on top. This is our sport. Our life. We're obsessed with it!

Sure we might seem like sensitive creative types on the outside but trust me, every top writer lives to come up with the next slogan that catches fire, transforms a business and says to everyone else, "Yeah, that was me who did that.I'm the best."

That's why I created this site. Athletes have sports leagues. Great spellers go to bees. But for marketing writers there was no true way to compete against other great writers. Until now.

While this site began as a way my friends (other professional writers) and I could duel it out, it didn't take long for word to spread. There are now hundreds of great writers from around the world competing on Slogan Slingers. Thousands upon thousands of slogans have been submitted for contests that have been opened in every English speaking nation in the world. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses, even political campaigns have used Slogan Slingers. They've realized our process offers far more selection, a lower price and a faster turnaround than freelancers or ad agencies.

So if you're ready to have great writers competing to create your business-changing slogan for a fixed cash prize you set in advance, start a contest now

Thanks for checking us out!

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