After 13 years, 150,000+ registered writers, hundreds of contests and lots and lots of contest money paid out, I have made the decision to end the operations of Slogan Slingers to focus on my other businesses.

Slogan Slingers was one of the first crowdsource businesses in the world (before that term was even invented) and it was exciting to see it make national business news when it first took off.

Most importantly, it was wonderful to hear its impact on so many people. One of our writers paid for life-saving surgery with his winnings on our site. A stay-at-home mom got a chance to express her creativity for the first time, routinely beating professional ad writers, and writing slogans for national brands.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our site. It's been an honor to run Slogan Slingers. I wish all of you well on your future writing adventures. You have my words on it.