The Dreaded Sloganizer

Why Sloganizer doesnt work Why A Sloganizer Doesn't Work.

A Sloganizer might not be the best method of creating effective advertising slogans and taglines for your business. and similar programs may not work because of the way they are set up.  While more and more computer programs can do a better job at certain tasks than humans can, being creative isn't one of them.  And it's not even close!


The Sloganizer does not think!

Websites like Sloganizer rely upon applications and computer algorithms to “write” slogans and taglines. The problem is that these applications aren't slogan writers who can think, much less care about your brand.  Instead these applications simply smash words together in an attempt to create a slogan, tagline or catchphrase.

A better description for these applications would be random word stringers because that’s what they really do. They stuff words together in the hope that a slogan might result.  We've all heard the joke about giving 100 monkeys 1000 typewriters to smash and one just might actually write something.  The odds of creating an effective slogan with such a program is similar.  Actually, probably way worse.  Like your odds of winning the lottery, it might happen, but don't bet on it.

The Sloganizer and other automated slogan generator programs eventually fail because no creativity and intuition is involved. Simply picking associated keywords at random and putting them together will give you a series of words but nothing that you want representing your brand.  To add creativity and intuition to the process you need to add the human mind or rather slogan writers.

Now we know why some people still turn to these programs even though they know in their hearts that they don't work.  Businesses know that hiring a freelance writer to create a slogan can be expensive. Such a writer can charge $1000 or more.  Plus, with limited options and a slow turnaround time, they feel there's no harm in giving  the 'ol Sloganizer a shot.


A Cost Effective Alternative.

Fortunately there are now some excellent and highly effective alternatives to apps like the Sloganizer out there. One of the best is a slogan writing contest. In a contest, you can put up a cash prize for the best slogan.  You determine the prize amount yourself.  Lots of writers submit ideas but you only have to pay for the one you like best.  This means you get lots of options, only pay for one and you're getting work from real writers who are putting thought, creativity and care into their work.

Instead of hoping that a computer program can generate a slogan at random, you can use the services of actual writers who are truly creative. Yes, a sloganizer is free but consider the cost of the opportunities lost without the ideal line and most people soon realize that the cost of using the sloganizer is actually really expensive. 

Nobody would let a computer application write the business’ marketing plan or strategy. Yet that is exactly what many people do when they turn to the sloganzier. A slogan can be the most important advertising and marketing tool a business has. Nobody should let an application “write” it.

Of course, if you're looking for an application to calculate your profits from using a crowdsourcing slogan site like Slogan Slingers, we're sure there's a good one out there.  Best of luck and there's no better time than now to start your contest for slogans and taglines.