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Some recent slogan ideas from our writers...
Picasso Used A Canvas, We Use A Bun. ®
The Future Of Looking At Your Past ®
We Help Jurors Draw Conclusions ®
It's The Opportunity Of A Lunchtime ®
We'll Test Everything But Your Patience ®
Vein, Vein Go Away. ®
The Smallest Big Agency On Earth ®
Where Cool People Meat ®
Look like a million bucks. Save Like A Hundred Bucks. ®
Life's A Beach & Then You Dine ®
The Real Victory Is Reaching The Starting Line ®
Live Life To The Fullest ®
Click Ass ®
Kids Eaten Free. ®
Something New Will Be Hitting Our Showroom Floor. Your Jaw. ®
The Best Portions Of Your Day ®
Go Fourth & Rock ®
You Won't Believe Your Skies ®
Get Turned On Tonight ®
You Name It, We Can Name It ®
Let The Names Begin ®
You Name The Price. Writers Name Everything Else. ®
A Law Firm, Not A Law Factory ®
Personal Attention Handled Personally ®
Have A Nerdgasm ®
Eat, Drink and Be Married ®
The Ticket May Entitle You To The Whole Seat But You'll Only Need The Edge ®
Get More Hang For The Buck ®
We built our reputation by taking care of yours. ®
Your buying experience will be unforgettable. Your ride home will be a blur. ®
Bad Credit. No Credit. Very Big Problem. ®
The Weight Is Over ®
What's The Price Of Victory? With Us It's Free. ®
Win At All Costs. Play At No Cost. ®
Watch Religiously ®
Misery Loves Company. We Make Sure It's Not Your Company. ®
Go From What Are You Wearing To Who Are You Wearing? ®
Get a Clean Bill Of Health With A Low Bill Of Health. ®
Firm Slogans
Wilshire Law Firm
Where Honesty Is A Firm Belief. ®
Thank God It's Monday. ®
Get The Inside Story - Of You. ®
Our Competition Has Face Painting Night. Their Customers Have Really Ugly Kids. ®
We Fill Your Pane ®
Order In The Court ®
Pick Our Brains ®
The French Restaurant For People Who Hate French Restaurants. ®
Experts In Our Field. And Hopefully Yours. ®
Ruining Your Kid's Dinner Since 1998 ®

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If you're looking for catchy slogans from campaign slogans to ad slogans and advertising taglines, you've come to the right place. Using a contest format, Slogan Slingers gives you ad agency quality advertising slogans, campaign taglines and marketing catchphrases at a fraction of what ad agencies charge. Plus you'll get exponentially more options and faster turnaround times - all from talented professional writers competing to win your cash prize. Our professional writer pool features talent from the United States to Australia, Canada to Great Britain and more. We pride ourselves on being a slogan maker resource for you.



Advertising slogans do more than create memorable, marketing catchphrases that help your company, product or event stand out in the mind of your target audience. Research shows catchy slogans inspire action. Fortunately finding the best ad slogans, campaign slogans and taglines has never been easier. With Slogan Slingers, you can start contests for advertising slogans and taglines, product slogans, event slogans, advertising headlines and more. Fill out a contest brief (based on what real agencies send to real clients) and your contest could be live and emailed to our stable of professional writers just minutes from now. Whether you need a law firm slogan, medical practice slogan, product slogan or event slogan, your brilliant slogan or tagline awaits!

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Getting a new tagline is among the smartest things you can do for your business.  Prospects often forget most, if not every detail you tell them in a brochure or on a website.  But taglines stick.  They're short, they're powerful and, if done well, taglines capture everything you want someone to remember about you.  They leave a lasting impression.  That's a lot of weight to carry.  So make sure you get the best tagline possible. And that's where Slogan Slingers comes in. So get started on your contest now!


Now, let's talk straplines! (So what is a strapline, you ask?)


If you're asking what a strapline is, you're not alone.  Many people aren't familiar with the term.  Straplines are very similar to slogans and taglines.  A strapline is a short, memorable phrase that captures the essense of what you're all about.  It gets across an often complex message in just a few words that perfectly encapsulates your brand.  It's not a term that is used often in the United States but in other nations, you're more likely to hear someone talking about straplines than taglines.  


We get contests all the time from businesses across the globe looking for new straplines.  So whether you call them slogans, catchphrases, taglines, company mottos, straplines or anything else, we're your source to get the language you need to get attention and get results.  Our huge pool of writers can deliver lots of options, in just a week for a very affordable price.  So start your crowdsourcing strapline contest at Slogan Slingers right now.


A Sloganizer?  Really?


For those of you not in the know, a sloganizer is an online app that seems to randomly string words together in order to generate a slogan.  Need a law firm slogan?  The sloganizer might spit out "Trust law firm of quality."  Doesn't exactly make sense or help sell the practice but what do you expect from an algorhythm?  For a restaurant, the sloganizer might generate, "Tasting the eating great experience for many." What the huh?  Whether you use Slogan Slingers, an ad agency or hire an individual professional freelancer, that's up to you.  We just implore you not to use a brainless, automated application.  You've worked too hard on your business to let a sloganizer undo all that.  Why not open a contest with Slogan Slingers right this minute?  You'll be forever glad you did!